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Top 7 Best Cushions

7 best cushions

Top 7 beauty cushions for ever-ready you:

In the beginning, there were foundations. Then came the BBs and CCs, with their magic tricks. But do you really have the time to get the perfect amount of your BB or CC to achieve a well-toned look? Not really, unless you have a back-up cushion to fall back on.

BB and CC creams were all the rage till the smart ‘cushions’ made  grand entrance. Spongy compact versions of BB and CC goodness, these friends of your skin come in ranges that fit your kit and purse.

Before you go picking the first one off the shelf, here’s our recommended list.

  1. Aqua BB from 3LAB: A double treat greets you with this SPF 40 BB sponge, with a convenient refill added to the main product.

 7 best cushions

  • Resembling the humble old compact, this pack comes with a circular and flat sponge applicator placed on a layer above the actual makeup
  • Available in light, medium, and dark shades, Aqua BB doesn’t fall short on quality and skincare, making it worth every penny.
  1. Miracle Cushion from Lancôme: A dew-fresh foundation built in a generously porous sponge, Miracle Cushion comes with the fantasised promise of a ‘younger looking skin’.

 7 best cushions

  • Unlike the older foundations, this light and dewy product moisturises normal to dry skin with surprisingly natural finish.
  • If you are a veteran with brushes, dabble with a little blending technique for best results, but know that the sponge applicator does a pretty splendid job on its own.
  1. Bounce Beauty Balm Moist from Dr. Jart+: A lightweight and easy to operate compact box, this SPF 30 BB product steers clear of those spreads older foundations needed.

7 best cushions

  • True to its name, this cushion provides a matte finish with supple moisturised skin in simple pats or ‘bounces’ to the skin.
  • The neat-pickers out there might have qualms with finger usage, which is conveniently solved with their easy to use sponge applicator.
  1. CC Cream Cushion System from Kiko: While the SPF 25 might make you rethink, Kiko’s Cushion System gives a wider range of tones – six shades – for a better match to your skin.

 7 best cushions

  • The Cushion System is handy, light and comes with a gold-tinged packaging, deferring from the white trend followed by the previous ones.
  • While rated to be on par with the impact of a high-end foundation, this product holds your glow without the mess of an oily cream.
  1. Face 2 Change Photo Ready Cushion BB #21 from Holika Holika : This comes in a sleek jet-black package. Endowed with anti-wrinkle and UV protection capacity, this bling box comes with a thicker BB consistency than others.

 7 best cushions

  • While not recommended much for finger spreading, dabbing using the puff gives a dewy base for your makeup.
  • Sun protection is also ticked off with #21’s SPF 50+.
  • Holika Holika’s Face 2 Change is an efficient quick fix for those blemishes and dull patches around your face contours.
  1. Volume Up Covering Cushion from Enprani: Enriched with anti-wrinkle and whitening formula, this SPA 50+ product spreads like a gossamer’s kiss over your skin.

7 best cushions

  • Taking inspiration from its name, the Covering Cushion helps in avoiding the caked-up look that breaks over your face with long hours.
  • Rounded off with an efficient sponge applicator, this product makes you look good while wearing it, after wearing it and even while carrying it.
  1. Face Glow CC Cushion from Secret Key: Our final product on the list offers an au naturel look, with its coloured CC essence that doesn’t break out on your skin.

7 best cushions

  • Despite being available in a single shade only right now, this cushion is a far cry above the cheaper and cakier foundations thanks to its light freshness.
  • Face Glow doesn’t come with refills like some of its counterparts but it does give you a natural glow that stays fresh even after your office hours.



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