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Intensive Body Therapy at Serenity Spa NoMad

Serenity Spa Nomad

We live in a fast-paced world, and we face a lot of stress on a daily basis. Without proper rest and relaxation, it is hard to keep your beauty even with treatments and spa procedures.

This time, we were looking for something relaxing and healthy to keep us beautiful and rested. It didn’t take long to decide that what needed is a good massage! After searching for the best place we choose to visit Serenity Spa Nomad for Intensive Body Therapy and Revitalizing Foot Therapy.

Read more about our visit and interview with the owner:

– Maria, how did your beauty journey begin?

Years working in various fields of architecture engaged me in the design of day spas in New York City. The research needed to complete numerous projects educated me about the beauty and Wellness industry. I became fascinated with the spa business.

– What’s your background?
I grew up in Lima, Peru and arrived to the United States to attend architecture school at New Jersey Institute of Technology. After graduation, I was hired by my studio teacher whose office is in midtown Manhattan.

– What made you want to open a spa salon?
After married, I wanted to start my own business. The passion, developed for years in the Beauty and Wellness industry inspired me to open a day spa. It didn’t take long before I found the perfect location to open Serenity Spa NoMad.

Serenity Spa Nomad Serum Antioxidant

– Tell us more about Spa Nomad Skincare.
Years in the spa business discovering new lines of products: organic, non-organic, natural, etc inspired me to create Spa Nomad Skin Care, free of the main items that seem important to me, such as Parabens, beeswax, Lanolin, MEA, etc

Serenity Spa Nomad Clearing Cleanser

– What’s your favorite treatment?
Collagen and Oxygen Infusion Facials. The combination gives my skin a natural, special glow difficult to describe.

– Tell us about your memberships, benefits and what’s included.

VIP Members are regular spa guests who make time for themselves and are conscious about their wellness.

For the guests who enjoy massages and facials, we created Wellness 60, which entitles an hour Wellness Massage or Spa Nomad Signature Facial

For guests who schedule nail services, we created The Essentials, which entitles an Essential Manicure and Pedicure

Members not only receive discounts but a complimentary spa treatment every month: encouraging the discovery and benefits of other spa services

– Can you tell about intensive massage service and how is it different?
Many of us don’t drink enough water and develop unhealthy muscle tissue which causes pain. A non-hydrated muscle tissue restricts the amount of blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Intense Massage Therapy focuses on that kind of areas of muscle tension.

serenity spa nomad nyc

– Do you need to prepare for a massage? How long is the service?
We recommend using comfortable clothing. The recommended time is a ninety-minute session which allows the therapist to cover the entire body and the specific areas of tension.

– Are there any precautions? Do’s and don’t’s before or after the massage?
Dress comfortably and inform the therapist of any health condition; although our therapist will not recommend booking a massage session while our guest has cold symptoms (since it will rush the symptoms) they highly suggest routine massage sessions to boost the immune system. After every session, it is recommended to drink plenty of water.

Serenity Spa Nomad Massage

– Revitalizing Foot Therapy – please tell us more about the service and its benefits
The goal of this session is to find pressure points located in the feet. There is a theory which explains that certain pressure points will stimulate different organs by applying different levels of pressure. Each individual will respond differently to the pressure according to their health condition.

– What’s your beauty favorites in your beauty regiment?
I enjoy educating myself about new anti-aging techniques

– How often can one do massage or foot treatment?
It depends on the health condition of the individual; it can be done as often as a full body massage.

– What’re your beauty hacks?
Foundations should always be organic since it is the first substance that your skin will absorb when sweating. Use mostly organic make-up products. Get frequent professional facials. The first thing I do every morning: smile to others.

Therapist  in Serenity Spa Nomad has truly amazing hands . Everybody should try to do a massage at least once a month for the entire body. It’s not only a great pampering for your immune system and blood circulation, but also helps to keep you happy. Our expert still feeling recharged after services.

MTF hack: After getting your massage session drink camomile tea – you’ll sleep like a baby!


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