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Keeko Oil Pulling + Whitening Pen for Perfect Pearly Whites

Keeko Oil

When you think about things that stain your teeth, you’re thinking about this MyTopFace Beauty Experts favorite things. Red wine and coffee are honestly a food group of their own at this point in our life.  Spending all day sipping on a shamefully large number of black coffees to get us through the day and a nice glass of red wine is our treat at the end of a long hard work week. About a month ago we smiled in the mirror after applying a favorite red lipstick and was horrified at what we saw. Seemingly overnight our teeth had turned from pearly whites to yellow and stained. Always relying on a whitening toothpaste and rinse we had never had this problem (more on this later). Unfortunately, our habit had caught up with us and we needed a more substantive solution.

Here entered Keeko Oil Pulling system. We had heard of oil pulling and were always curious if this could help give our smiles a little boost. Oil pulling is an ancient practice that has been done for centuries. When we found Keeko at MyTopFace we knew it was the brand to try! Keeko Oil uses 100% natural coconut, lemon, chamomile and myrrh oils to detoxify the mouth and comes loaded with other health benefits for your entire body.  The practice of oil pulling is also known to help kick bad breath, prevent cavities and give your complexion an added glow.  The Keeko product is special though- not only are all of the brand’s products 100% certified organic, but they are also vegan, not tested on animals, non-GMO and best of all dentist recommended for the best possible oral care! We learned that the non-natural alternatives might work on a superficial level but they are not doing any favors for your overall oral health.

Keeko Oil Pulling

We were excited to try out the Keeko Oil Pulling Sachets and Botanical Teeth Whitening Pen to get our smiles summer ready! Once our package arrives in a timely manner from the brands native Australia we are excited to get started. The most amazing thing about this product is its convenience. We received a 14 day supply of packets – each of which easily slips into even our smallest of bags- meaning there is no excuse to not whiten every day! All it takes is simply warming up the oil in our hands for a few seconds till the continents of the tube are liquid. Then empty the contents of the sachet into your mouth, then its swish swish for 5-15 mins. The oil does its work by breaking down build up plaque in your mouth that traditional whitening methods might miss. We opted to do the full 15 mins each day – if you’re going to do something, might as well do it right! During our time with the product, we oil pulled everywhere the gym, our office and even went on two summer weekend getaways with our trusty little packets.

The Lucky Dip assortment features the 3 different flavors this product comes in. Morning Mint, Citrus Burst, and Sweet Sensation. Traditional oil pulling methods are known to be more challenging due to the harsh and bitter taste of the oil during use. We loved all three of the flavors of the Keeko system and did not feel as though they had even the slightest unappealing taste! We particularly loved the Morning Mint and Citrus Burst and would highly recommend either. People who use traditional oil pulling methods also complain about the texture of it- some calling it unbearable. Keeko absolutely has mastered the texture of Oil Pulling, the mixture breaks down into a smooth liquid! It was enjoyable and easy to get through the 15 mins of use after which we brushed our teeth as normal! It is then recommended to use the Teeth Whitening Pen as a final step which we did for the second half of the week. We started to see major improvement of our smile around this time so it is quite possible the pen had a large impact on our now white teeth!

Keeko OIl Teeth

MTF Beauty Hack: The best place we did this was surprisingly our morning shower! The hot water heated up the packet so that the product was very liquid and ready for use. It also is a great time to reflect and really work on self-care. We also used our time to thoroughly clean our face and deep condition our hair- things we might not have made time for otherwise.

keeko whitening pen

At the time of publishing this article we have been using the oil pulling product for 7 full days and see an improvement in not just the whiteness of our teeth but our overall gum and oral health. Our breath is naturally fresher which is a fantastic plus first thing in the morning! Our gums are less irritated and look healthier as well. This product lines best asset is really how easy it makes natural tooth whitening from the to-go nature of all of their products to the yummy flavor Keeko sets you up for success with your new regimen. It also really works. We felt that photos didn’t do justice to the amount of shine our smiles had after just 7 days!

MTF Beauty Hack: Another road block that had made us nervous to begin was that this MyTopFace beauty expert has very sensitive teeth and gums. We knew that oil pulling would be okay but worried about the whitening pen as even whitening toothpaste had hurt our expert’s teeth in the past. This was the most gentle product yet effective product we have ever used. The product genuinely works but keeps our oral health and sensitive mouths in mind.

We cannot wait to continue to use the product to see the full amazing results that we know are in our future! Another bonus- Keeko ships free worldwide with orders over $38! We would definitely recommend Keeko Oil Pulling system and Whitening Pen for anyone looking for a naturally whiter smile!


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