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Male Grooming, Beard and Shaving Video

Male Grooming, Beard and Shaving Video

  1. First, before shaving.  Take a wet WARM-HOT CLOTH and press against the face for 2-3 minutes to soften the hairs on the face.
  2. Take SHAVING CREAM and apply all over your face or where you want to remove facial hair (use a products like, The Art of Shaving)  
  3. Take the SHAVER (2-3 razors to prevent ingrown hairs) and remove facial hair  (use a products like, Dollar Shave Club)
  4. Once all the hair has been removed, if you notice any minor bleeding, or knicks, you can apply a STYPTIC PENCIL to the areas of need. (in this video, using Clubman Clubman Pinaud Styptic Pencil)
  5. Then, use a TONER all over the face, with a COTTON ROUND, and remove any excess cotton with a brush, or your fingers.
  6. Nows the time to HYRATE THE SKIN all over.  Use a moisturizing facial cream and apply all over the face with a sponge or makeup brush (in this video, using Bioderma)
  7. These next steps are optional, if needed:  Apply Eye Cream under the eyes.  Add lip balm to hydrate the lips.  Also, add a tinted moisturizer to the areas of the face that may be a little red from the shave. If you add a tinted moisturizer, than apply a translucent powder over those areas with a soft fluffy makeup brush.


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