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Personalized, At-Home, Spa Experience With Hen & Moon by Previse

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In 2014 Previse Skincare teamed up with a leading healthcare provider to develop and launch a series of skincare products called Hen & Moon. They spoke with caregivers, doctor, and nurses who “demanded healthier, personalized skin and hair care options for their patients and loved ones.”  With a focus on addressing customers with advanced health concerns, their goal is to help “personalize an at-home, restorative, spa-like treatment.” In this post, we will be reviewing three products from the line.

Hen & Moon Conditioning Shampoo

When we first saw that this shampoo was sulfate-free, we immediately became interested, given the fact that we at My Top Face have enjoyed and done reviews and features on other products by Previse. Most of us here can admit to using the same products on our hair for the last five years, so we finally decided that it was time to step out of our comfort zones and try something new. The shampoo claims to be a “Marine and botanical-rich, sulfate-free shampoo,” that is “hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegetarian, naturally non-toxic, naturally fragrance-free and has no parabens,” It also claims that their ” daily-use conditioning shampoo helps impart aromatherapeutic benefits plus moisture to the hair and scalp to aid in comfort.”

hen and moon conditioning shampoo

When the white colored shampoo was applied to wet hair, we noticed it had a thick moisturizing lather. We could definitely tell that it was mixed with conditioner. The shampoo lathered well but didn’t make the hair feel dry while washing. As we scrubbed the hair from the scalp down to the strands, we also noticed that the hair wasn’t tangling too badly, which is a major plus. It actually helped soften, and semi detangled the strands. We all agreed that this stuff has some slip to it. After rinsing the shampoo out, the hair felt soft and clean. The directions say to “replace your current shampoo and conditioner” with the conditioning shampoo. However, we still felt the need to use another conditioner because the hair was not as detangled as we were used to from conditioning it. Even though the product says that it is a daily-use conditioning shampoo we don’t suggest using it every day if you have thick, coarse, and/or curly hair because washing your hair everyday, in general, can be damaging on your strands. This product will probably be amazing for daily use on looser, softer, and less coarse hair textures.

Hen & Moon Face and Body Lotion

The first thing we noticed about the Face and Body Lotion is that it smells great. The scent isn’t intruding or overbearing. It has a light and fresh floral scent that reminds us of spring. When you realize that it’s made without parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrances you’ll wonder how. The next thing we noticed, after massaging it into the hands, is that it is a water-based formula that is very lightweight on the skin and doesn’t leave you feeling at all greasy, regardless of how much you load on.

hen and moon face and body lotion

The directions suggest to blend the lotion with the HEN & MOON ESSENTIAL OILS, so we gave it a try and this time massaged it onto the face. We absolutely loved the way the combination of the two felt on the skin, leaving it feeling soft and looking glowy as well as brightening the overall complexion. Those of us with oily skin personally prefer water based lotions to use on the face during the warmer months because of how lightweight they are. This lotion is perfect to use during your morning routine right now and throughout in the summer. The lotion claims to be a “skin-calming moisturizer with marine algae, mango and murumuru seed extracts that help form a protective, soothing layer on the skin.” We definitely felt the soothing effects that the lotion claims to have and noticed that any soreness and redness on the skin calmed down.

After that, we tried the lotion out on the rest of the body. Some of us who suffer from dry skin in certain areas of the body personally prefer lotions with a thick and creamy consistency, so we were skeptical about how the product would perform as a body lotion. It temporarily eliminated the dryness but throughout the day we felt the need to apply more of it in order to keep the skin from looking dry and flaky. However, if you don’t suffer from dry skin on your body then you probably won’t need to reapply it as many times.

Another thing we liked about this product was the pump bottle that closes and locks securely. This is great when you are on the go or traveling because it prevents the product from accidentally leaking everywhere in your bag (a problem we’ve experienced too many times), helps it remain fresh, and keeps it from drying out.

Hen & Moon Pure Essential Oils: Slumber, Rest, and Relaxation

We at My Top Face know the importance of sleep, and try to make an effort to relax our minds and meditate before we prepare ourselves for bed. A calming cup of Chamomile tea, a nice long rosewater, and lavender bubble bath, or a lavender face mask all help, but lately massaging essential oils all over the face and body is what’s really putting us to sleep at night, so that we are well rested and radiant in the morning.

hen and moon face and body lotion

We’ll be honest, for a while, some of us thought aroma-therapy was total BS, but sleepless nights (especially during final exams, midterms, and work deadlines) call for taking drastic measures. And now, of course, we are converted. This Pure Essential Oil in Slumber Rest and Relaxation is all one needs at night — okay, and our cleansing oils, overnight hydrating masks, eye cream…but you get the picture. We like to keep the little glass bottle on our bedside table for easy access. After getting comfortable under the covers, we suggest to rub a few drops of the oil around the temples, collarbone, and wrists — just like you would your favorite Chanel perfume (We even like to use it on our lips). The difference is that you need to massage this in and breathe deeply taking in as much of the light and natural scent as you can. And within a few minutes of inhaling the Roman chamomile, and lavender, you will be so at ease that you can almost imagine a future in which you get excited about waking up early for your morning routine. Almost. We love how light the oil is on the skin and how you never get that greasy, sticky feeling you can sometimes get from other essential oils. Our favorite thing about essential oils, and the HEN & MOON ones, in particular, is that you can incorporate and blend them into your other beauty products to customize and personalize your beauty routine. This product was definitely our favorite out of the three and we are so excited to keep using it!

hen and moon

In the end, we overall enjoyed these products very much. Once again Previse Skincare has yet to let us down. As you could probably tell our favorite product out of the three was the Pure Essential Oil in Slumber, Rest, and Relaxation. We are excited to say that it will be a permanent addition to our nightly routines and we can’t wait to try out the other scents, as well as the rest of the Hen & Moon product line.




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