Gay Pride Rainbow Look Makeup Tutorial
The MyTopFace team is happy to be bringing you this pride inspired makeup tutorial. This look consists of a colorful cut crease and gold glitter on the eyes and a long wearing full coverage foundation routine. This is perfect for the month of June due to all the amazing events and parades supporting the gay community.
Gay Pride Rainbow Look Makeup Tutorial

TT | Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Tencel Skin Mask

This mask is great for dehydrated skin or dry skin.  When applied, this masks ingredients give you extremely cooling and soothing skin.  After leaving this masks on for 10 minutes it will help calm the skin as well as repair sun-exposed skin.

 This spray is refreshing due to 5 years of aged vinegar.  It also promotes cell regeneration and prevents from aging. This product is normally applied after cleansing the skin and before moisturizer.

Videographer and MUA – Jordan Cozens
Model – Shane Beggs