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Silk Therapeutics Dress your Skin in Liquid Silk

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MyTopFace has found a skincare line that is not only great for your skin, but is socially responsible. Silk Therapeutics gives back with it’s Charitable Mission which states: “We provide our clean, luxury skincare to an oncology patient, with every purchase.” It’s nice to know that your skincare is also caring for someone going thru a painful time.

Now we know they are a company with a heart, but how does it perform? Unlike some oil- based serums that can feel greasy, Purely Radiant Serum from Silk Therapeutics is rich and creamy. Our MyTopFace experts found that our skin absorbed it right away. No standing around waiting for it to dry. It is highly concentrated, so you really only need a drop or two for the whole face. We suspect one bottle will last a long time even if you use it during both your morning and night skin regimen.

Silk Therapeutics Serum B

We loved the serum so much we also tried the Silk Therapeutics Eye Revive for brightening and firming. Steeped in vitamin C, caffeine and concentrated antioxidants this anti-aging eye treatment did not disappoint. It is not as silky as the serum, but it is quickly absorbed. And the sometimes sleep-deprived eyes at MyTopFace are grateful this eye cream helped diminish the dark circle and puffiness around our eyes.

silk therapeutics eye revive

So whether you are out late having fun or working all night on a deadline, this will keep your eyes looking their best even when all you can think about is your pillow. This can be used both morning and night to keep that delicate skin moisturized and elastic.

Silk Therapeutics is a great choice for sensitive skin as it is both fragrance and paraben free. Again, if you are looking for cosmetics with a conscience, this is your line. They use Non-GMO silk; No phthalates, parabens, or fragrance; and
No testing on animals.


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