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3 Step Volumizing Hair Care Solution by The Salon Guy

The Salon Guy

TheSalonGuy was founded by hairstylist, entrepreneur, and media personality Stephen Marinaro. Marinaro’s professionalism, respect, and his passion for artistry or what drove him to create a company that incorporates fashion, beauty, and entertainment for millions of people to use and enjoy. If you didn’t know about his raved about and highly viewed YouTube channel before then make sure to go check it out. There you can find hairstyling tutorials, motivational videos, as well as videos featuring red carpet event coverage and more. His brand, which caters to both men and women, has a wide range of quality products and tools that will leave anyone who uses them feeling classy, sophisticated, and confident. The ingredients and innovative formulations of his haircare products are designed to fill in what your hair is missing or needs giving your hair enhanced volume and shine, while also boosting and maintaining your hair’s integrity. Check out our latest beauty tutorial and to learn how to incorporate more The Salon Guy products into your hair routine.

Thickhead Volumizing Shampoo

Thickhead Volumizing Shampoo The Salon Guy

The Thickhead Volumizing Shampoo is a lightweight product containing Pro-Vitamin B5 that helps the strengthen your hair follicles while also boosting its natural shine and adding thickness. This paraben and sulfate-free shampoo can be used on all hair types and is even great for color and chemically treated hair. The products lightweight formula leaves the hair feeling clean and moisturized without weighing the hair down or compromising the volumizing benefits. The gender neutral shampoo won’t leave your scalp feeling dry or itchy and has a great fragrance that is light and fresh.

Thickhead Volumizing Conditioner

Thickhead Volumizing Conditioner The Salon Guy

The Thickhead Volumizing Conditioner has an innovative and lightweight formula infused with Keratin leaving your hair full bodied and healthy. Safe for color and chemically treated hair, the hydrating and nourishing conditioner incorporates key ingredients like Vitamin B5, Polyquaternium, and Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit to help maintain your hair’s elasticity, strength, and moisture levels, protecting it from environmental pollutants, and improving your hair’s overall texture. The conditioners antioxidant-rich formula will give your hair the nutrients and love it needs while also helping to prevent dry scalp and dandruff. Using the Thickhead Volumizing Conditioner along with the Thickhead Volumizing Shampoo and the 25 Leave-In Treatment Spray makes for a simple and easy hair care routine that your hair will thank you for.

25 Leave-In Treatment Spray

25 Leave-In Treatment Spray The Salon Guy

TheSalonGuy’s 25 Leave-in Treatment Spray is a unique and innovative haircare product. The ingredients in this leave-in spray provide 25 benefits for all types of hair. This product is a no strings attached, an all-in-one leave-in treatment that will leave, even the most damaged hair, beautiful, manageable, and soft. It has a very lightweight formula that will provide conditioning to your hair as well enhance the performance of other leave-in products. You’ll especially love this product if you have coarse, kinky, or curly hair textures. It’s amazing ability to reduce tangles and knots will cut your hair detangling routine time in half, and keep your curls nourished, bouncy, defined, and soft. If you have dry, fine, damaged, or color treated hair don’t feel left out because this product will do wonderful things for your hair too. Blended with exotic Amazon oils, the nourishing benefits of this product include but are not limited to, reducing breakage, extending a longevity of color treated hair, replenishing moisture and restoring hair’s natural hydration balance, strengthening the overall structure of your hair, and increasing your hair’s elasticity.

MTF Hack

If you have fine or thin hair use this leave-in treatment spray instead of your normal go to conditioner after washing. This will help to reduce frizz and tame down fly-always without leaving your hair feeling or looking weighed down by too much product.

But the list of how this leave-in spray will benefit your hair does not stop there. There are 25 benefits, remember. We forgot to mention one of our favorite things about this product. Its unique vegan formula is blended with organic extracts such as Black Cocoa, Sunflower Seed Extracts, Green Tea Extract, and Spearmint, as well as certified organic extracts such as California Lemon and Natural Bergamot. We at My Top Face are suckers for anything vegan or organic so we knew this product would be right up our alley.


We at MyTopFace had a great time using these products in conjunction with each other, and we’re excited to tell you all about our experience. Our first impression of these products, like many others, was about its packaging. The products come in reasonably sized bottles that are easy to hold even with wet or slippery hands, a major plus for hair stylists who use their hands, while working with multiple products, without having the chance to clean them after each application. The spray nozzle on the leave-in treatment easily distributed the perfect amount of product throughout our hair at a wide enough angle to reach every hair strand without getting the product everywhere. We all decided on using it product after washing and conditioning our hair to see how well it would detangle it. We at MyTopFace could agree that we were very pleased with the results despite our different hair types and textures. We combed each product easily through our hair, with a wide tooth detangling comb, to make sure they were evenly distributed throughout our hair. When it came to styling some of us here normally try to avoid using heat on our hair unless for special occasions, but we all felt better knowing that using these products would provide our strands with some type of thermal protection. Every products left our hair smooth, soft, and silky while also enhancing the natural bounce and luster in our hair. It stood up well against the recent rise in humidity levels we’ve been experiencing here in NYC helping to maintain styles all day. Oh, and did we forget to mention how much we love the light but a vibrant fragrance of these products? With notes of Water Hyacinth, Amazon Lemon, Amazon Orchid, Acai Berry, and Priprioca they left our hair smelling so amazing to the point that random people we’ve never met before wanted to know what scent we were wearing. These products are definitely worth the investment.


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