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Living a busy life sometimes means throwing things in your handbag and caring for yourself on the go. It feels like we have done our makeup everywhere in this city – from the back seat of a cab to standing up on the subway leaned against the wall. After not being prepared enough times and saying “ I wish I had x” we have been left with a little essentials kit we keep in our bag at all times. Along with the traditional life saver items that we always keep (concealer, mascara, a mini fragrance rollerball, bandaids and a variety of lipsticks) We have found cause to add a few new items to our kit that we were excited to share with you!

JN Beauty Mascara Lashware

One thing we recently added to our to-go-bag is the 24 karat gold lip balm from Lyp Goddess. As mentioned above normally we are lipstick friends, but every once in a while our lips need a bit of a break. This balm has become our reparative go-to! It is perfect to throw on before or after the gym when it’s not quite appropriate to have a full on lip applied. It gives a subtle gold glisten and red tint to the lips which have proven to be a lifesaver for us in a pinch. Plus it smells AMAZING. This strawberry balm has us wanting to lick our lips! This lip balm glides on with ease so you don’t have to use a ton of product to get a moistened pout.

Lip Goddess

MTF Beauty Hack: carrying around a balm is also great because it can act as more than just a bit of moisture for those lips. Use it as a cuticle cream if you find yourself in need of a touch of nail bed love. If you are running late and see a dry spot on your leg or arms that needs a bit of moisturizer you can also use a balm as a quick fix so that dry patch is no longer your concern! Perfect for those moments on the subway when you realize you moisturizer missed a spot!


Besides our concealer, the one thing we always want to touch up after work for happy hour or a dinner is our brows. The brows are truly the frame to the face. So if you have a well-groomed brow, your face instantly is polished. We at MTF have made it no secret that we always grab for The BrowGal line by Tonya Crooks when working on that perfect arch. The two products we most recently tried have already become new staples in our bag. The Skinny Eye Brow Pencil is a brow groomer and pencil that has earned its spot in our emergency go bag because it’s an all in 1 kit. With this versatile tool, we can sharpen, brush and pencil our brows with one compact product.  How much easier can it get?! This product is a finely tipped pencil that makes it easy for users of all skill level.

BrowGal Skinny Eyebrow Pencil

MTF Beauty Hack: always brush your brows before applying pencil. This will give you the feathered natural look ( think those coveted Kardashian brows!) that is so in right now. If you need more brow care tips scroll through our last chat with Tonya Crooks and video tutorial for the inside scoop on your best facial framing!

Another Tonya Crooks product earning its spot in our bag is the Highlighting Pencil. Honestly, if you aren’t highlighting below your brow bone already – start. This small tip is a total game changer. When done correctly this tiny addition to your beauty routine can totally open up your face and give you a cleaner and put together makeup look. We love the pencil by The BrowGal because it’s again a two in one solution with a punch. This highly pigmented piece of hardware glides on smooth and a bit heavy, so use a light touch! This pencil can also be used as an in a pinch shadow stick as it has one matte side, perfect for your inner corners, and a shimmery side, perfect for those outer ridges. Glide this pencil on gently and blend for inward for an easy on the go polish.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention something that is just now making out to go bag due to the change in season. As the temperatures warm up we have found ourselves wearing more open toed shoes and embracing this spring weather! With that comes the constant need for polish on our toes. It’s so easy to forget this very important step as it’s not always where our focus is when heading out the door. That’s why we have begun keeping a bottle of JN beauty’s pink nail lacquer in our bags at all times. It’s a small enough bottle that it’s perfect to take with us and polish those toes with a “party coat” as we like to call it in the back of your cab on the way to that event.

Moondani Natural Vegan Breath Spray

If you’re like us and have a sensitive stomach gum/mints all containing high levels of artificial sugar can really make you uncomfortable. Gum may seem like a harmless solution for post lunch breath in a pinch but has so many additives and unnatural sweaters that even if you’re eating a salad- if you pop a piece of gum after you could be in pain shortly after. When brushing after a meal isn’t an option our MTF beauty experts have found something that is perfect for the woman on the go- and doesn’t put our stomach in knots. Here enters the vegan Mint Spray from Moondani naturals! This quick breath spray squashes odor with all natural ingredients such as cardamom, fennel, and ginger but leaves you with minty fresh breath on the go! Fennel oil has been used to freshen breath naturally for ages and has anti-bacterial properties that squash bad breath on the go. Best of all, it is made with no alcohol, sweeteners, preservatives or additives so it’s totally safe for a wide range of users!

Moondani natural breath mist

So that’s what’s currently in our to-go kit! Readers- if you have a to go pack let us know what’s in yours! We look forward to hearing from you!


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