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4 Must Have Beauty Products from the Christina Cosmeceuticals Range

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We just love trying out new facial products, especially when they deliver the absolute best and ultimately soothing results on our skin! So, today we’re talking about the much underplayed Christina range that has completely blown our minds away. The Christina Range has a variety of products that are suitable for all kinds of skin types as well as all ages, from the Beauté de Château range, which really does give a reenergising feel to the skin, to the Muse range which is more focused on rejuvenating and protecting your youthful skin.

The Christina Range

We got to try out the Christina Muse Cleansing Milk, the Christina Silk Serum, as well as the Christina Beauté de Château Night Cream and Christina Wish Rejuvenating Serum (Step 3) – which, by the way is only for professional use. So here’s our experience using these fabulously awesome beauty and facial products, and in our opinion, these are the must have beauty products from this range!.

The Christina Muse Cleansing Milk

The Christina Range

The feel of this silky milky cleanser, managed to remove all the dirt of the day off of our faces and after using it for a couple days we could definitely see the difference in the appearance of our or fine lines (eeeek – and those slight wrinkles that have started forming) So that was a definite bonus! We could also definitely feel the glowing look in our skin too! The plus side of this gorgeous cleansing milk is that it also gave us a super enriched feel, which in the long run made our skin look a lot firmer, and could definitely feel the protection it gives too!

The Christina Silky Serum

The Christina Range

We love that the slogan for this product is ‘Instant Results. Long Term Benefits.’ – Because that’s pretty much exactly what this Silk Serum does. We saw the crow’s feet wrinkles around our eyes disappear almost instantly, and the long term effects are quite great too, and after using this silk treatment we could see about an 80% reduction in the fine lines of our fine lines, and we’re pretty sure that their promise of experiencing long term wrinkle reduction is true, especially if we use it in conjunction with their other fabulous products!

The Christina Beauté de Château Night Cream

The Christina Range

It’s always hard to find a night cream that really delivers, and doesn’t get your face feeling all greasy and oily by the time you wake up, so we were very pleasantly surprised when we realised how refreshed, nourished and completely enriched our skin felt after using this ultimately hydrating night cream. After sleeping through the night with this cream on your face, you’ll definitely be waking up with a feel of a completely rejuvenated skin, and it has been working its charm over the weeks, making our skin feel like it has a new sense of firmness and elasticity!

Christina Wish Rejuvenating Serum

The Christina Range

This one is for the ladies to gain back some youth in their skin! The ingredients in this rejuvenating serum have been blasted with vitamins and anti-oxidants that will utterly blow your mind. Giving your natural hormones a boost and increasing the energy levels of your healthy cell production! We could definitely feel the restoration of cells and the uber refreshing and revitalising feel that it left on our skin! Absolutely love it, and perfect to use in a salon if you own one.


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