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5 Au Natural Ways to Moisturize your Skin

au natural ways to moisturise

Winter sucks! No really, its sucks the moisture and natural oil and goodness out of our skin and we’re so sick of having to spend a fortune on all kinds of expensive and non-resulting products that really just don’t have the effect we need it to. Winter dried skin is just one of our problems with winter, don’t get us wrong, we love a lot of things about winter too, hot cocoa, warm sizzling fireplaces and Netflix marathons, to name just a few. However, the downfall of winter, is that by the time its full blown winter, we realise how dry and cracked our skin is getting, and start going into panic mode, well at least, we do! So to make life a little simpler this year, we’ve opted for trying out some au natural ways to moisturize our skin and oh my, oh my, were we impressed with the results! How have we never tried these easy methods before, so organic and natural, and super cheap compared to what you’ll spend at the store! So give these 5 au natural ways to moisturize your skin a go and let us know how fabulously it worked for you!


natural moisturizer - avo

Make yourself an au natural facial mask, with avocado being the basis ingredient, and you’ll put all the nourishment straight back into your skin in no time at all! Avocados contain all kinds of natural fatty and oily nutrients in them that will help hydrate your skin and will increase your skins permeability. Simply mash up and avocado and apply it straight to your face, or mix it in some honey and sugar to use it as a scrub.


natural moisturizer - oil

There are many natural oils that can work wonders on your skin, and are way better than everyday traditional moisturizers. Some great options to play around with are Argan Oils, olive oils and of course, the master of all oils, coconut oil! Use them sparingly on your skin, as most of these oils are very rich in their nutrient factor, so you won’t need much to apply to your skin and see results.

Aloe Vera

natural moisturizer - aloe

The uber fantastic Aloe Vera plant has fabulous anti-inflammatory and soothing, properties, which makes it a perfect remedy for cracked or dry skin. There have been a number of studies published which prove that the property agents in Aloe Vera can be very effectual in the relief of dried and wrinkly hands and feet in women. So ladies, if your hands are giving away your age, or making you look older than you are – get some Aloe Vera Gel, or take some directly from the Aloe plant, and you will get that silky smooth skin back you once had.


natural moisturizer - milk

Weird, we know, but in fact, not that weird when you really think about it! Milk has a ton of anti-inflammatory properties worked into it, which can sooth dry skin. You can even use Full Fat Cream or butter (real butter – not fake Margarines) as a way to replenish the moisture and nutrients in your skin! We’re definitely going to give this one a try.


natural moisturizer - honey

There’s a reason bees work there little butts off for this wondrous thing we call honey – packed full of antioxidants, honey also contains antibacterial qualities in it that will help unclog dirty pores and provide your skin with a natural and yummilicious moisture. You can either apply the honey directly to your skin, or mix it with some lemon or even milk to add that extra bit of moisture. This is perfect if you have very, very dry skin!

As all of these elements are completely natural and straight from nature, you shouldn’t have any reaction, but as you know, all skin is different, and you may have different reactions to certain things, so test everything out on a patch of skin before smearing it all over your face, just to be safe.


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