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5 Minute Makeup Look by Chicstudios

5 minute makeup video tutorial by chicstudios

  1. First Apply MOISTURIZER all over the face with a soft brush (*in this video, Purlissepur-moist)
  2. Apply PRIMER all over the face and neck, to allow fine lines, winkles or unevenness to be smoothed out with a synthetic Foundation BRUSH (*using Cinema Secrets, Ultimate foundation primer) + (*Mac Cosmetics, brush #190)
  3. Apply FOUNDATION all over the skin, or in areas of need, to even out complexion (*in this video, Make Up Forever – HD Foundation) + (*using Make Up Forever, Foundation BRUSH #108)
  4. Apply CONCEALER in areas of need (in this video – under eyes) and then set with a POWDER in areas where concealer has been applied (*using Kat Von D ‘lock it’ concealer) + (*Using Kat Von D BRUSH #40)
  5. Over the lids of both eyes, apply EYE SHADOW (in any color of choice) with a shadow brush in a soft pat motion (*using Mac Cosmetics eye shadow refill)+ eye shadow BRUSH (*Using Smith Cosmetics brush #253)
  6. Applying MASCARA on yourself – you can use the mascara as is, however, if you are applying mascara onto a client/friend, use a disposable wand, for hygiene purposes – applying on the upper and lower lashes on both eyes (apply multiple layers for more intensity) (*use a product like, Tarte Cosmetics, Lights, Camera, Flashes in black)
  7. Applying BLUSH on the apples of the cheeks, in a soft rosy color using a medium sized blush BRUSH (*using Urban Decay, After Glow blush) + blush brush (*using Kat Von D, setting powder brush)
  8. Apply LIPSTICK all over lips (*use something similar to Tarte Cosmetics)  with a lip brush (*using Smith Cosmetics detailed lip brush #304)
  9. Apply LIP GLOSS all over lips (using SmashBox, ‘be legendary’ lipgloss)


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