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5 Quick Hairstyles for Long Hair – VIDEOS

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One of the coolest perks of having luscious long hair is that you have crazy and endless possibilities of styling it in a million different ways right!? Well it’s also one of the most irritating types of hair to have, because styling darlings, takes time, and time darlings, and is something that most of us never have enough of! However, luckily for all of us long haired gals, there are some super cute, super easy and super chic hairstyles out there for us! So to make life even easier for all of you, we’ve decided to gather our favourite 5 quick and easy hairstyles that will have you looking drop dead gorgeous in no time, and out the door in minutes!

The Fake Braid

We love this look, and how easy and simple does this tutorial look!? It has the same swagger as a boho fishtail braid, which if done from scratch can take a ton of time and a load of patience – both of which we don’t have! This gorgeous one, can be put together in 60 seconds flat! No jokes, this is a great and quick hairstyle that will have you looking super chic!

The Slick Side Bun

This is a step above the messy bun (which most of us can do) and we love it, is sophisticated and very slick looking, and will take you a whole 3 minutes to pull off! How perfect can that be? A gorgeous slick side bun which will have you looking like a princess…Love it!

Curls in Five Minutes

If you think that plugging in your hot iron is going to lead to hour and endless effort in front of the mirror – you’re wrong! This quick and easy hairstyle will have you looking like a natural and sassy curled gal in 5 minutes tops! You’ll look as if you’ve just stepped out of the salon.

The Half Top Knot

The half top knot is becoming uber popular, and even Khloe Kardashian has been sporting this hairdo lately. Surprisingly is a lot easy to pull off than you may think, literally a few seconds and it looks so much better than the good old ballerina bun that everyone has been wearing for the last 5 years.

A Modern Twist on the Ponytail

We’ve all had those days where you really just want to whip your hair back into a ponytail and run out the door, well this tutorial will show you how to create some super cute alternative to the traditional ponytail, and we must admit, they are super easy to get done, within minutes!


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