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8 Beauty Products to Stock-up on when Abroad

Holidays can be a bucket load of fun, for all kinds of different reasons, the foreign and delicious foods and drinks that you won’t find back home, the sightseeing and lavish and indulgent hotels and B&B’s that scream charm and elegance…but for some of us, especially us girls here at MyTopFace, travelling to another country is all about the shopping! We’re not just talking about market place shopping, no, no, we’re talking about grabbing all those fabulously amazing beauty, skincare and make-up products that you just don’t find back home in the USA, and most of the time at half the price! So whether you’re planning a trip to Europe, Brazil, South Africa or Australia any time soon, check out our list of top 8 beauty products to stock-up on when you hit the streets of Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town or Perth, because we guarantee that you’ll be falling in love with them, just as much as we have!

Estelle & Thild Organic Skincare from Sweden

estelle and thild beauty abroad

It blows our mind that this ridiculously fabulous organic brand isn’t available in the USA, considering it been awarded tons of beauty awards from Elle Magazine Europe, and is a long-time favourite with loads of celebrities! They’ve even been featured in the European Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair and Marie Claire! So if you’re making a trip to Sweden anytime soon, make sure you pop into a local Estelle & Thild Organic Skincare Store. Our favourite products from this brand is by far their Super Bioactive Recovery Night Cream, which has been packed with Marine Microalgae. They also have a very lush range of body creams that we just adore!

Raunsborg in Denmark

raunsborg beauty aboard

Not too far from Sweden, make sure you add Denmark to your EuroTrip and hunt down the nearest Raunsborg Store. This all natural and very organic brand caters not only to women’s facial skincare, but also to body care products, hair care products and facial products for men! Finally, a beauty shop which you can drag you man in with you, and he’ll actually have things to look at! We love their facial range, mostly because it smells so fresh and organic, but we would totally recommend grabbing one of their special travel kits, maybe a few even, this way you’ll get to try out a little bit of everything in their range. Very lush, and definitely worth the trip!

KIKO Milano Cosmetics in Paris and Milan


If you’re heading to Paris, or Milan, make sure you stop by KIKO Milano Cosmetics! This ever growing brand is quickly becoming extremely popular among our European friends and we can see why! Their prices are to die for, and their lip colours, eye shadows and nail polishes will kick any American brands butt! KIKO is quickly expanding into most big European cities, so when your there, make sure you make your stop and check them out! We guarantee that you’ll walk out the doors with bags and bags of purchases…and pretty much at half the price!

Carroten Sunscreens in Greece

carroten beauty abroad

Sunscreen can be insanely expensive and most of the time you’re not sure what kinds of chemicals and harsh ingredients your skin is being exposed to, when all you really want is a little protection from the bright UV rays of the sun! Well if you’re planning a summer holiday in Greece, ditch the sunscreen shopping in the USA, and pick up some (A LOT) of Carroten Sunscreen once you’ve landed on the white and lush beaches of Greece! This indigenous range of sunscreen is a major popular brand among the locals, and seriously at $3.50 a bottle – you might as well take an entire box back with you!

Sol de Janeiro from Brazil

sol-de-janeiro-beauty aboard

Oh, but the Brazilians sure know how to get the most sun kissed and gorgeous tans we have very laid our eyes on! Plus, they’ve also got some of the most amazing skin we’re ever seen, not to mention their fabulous bodies and booties! Seriously we could carry on for hours about how glorious the people of Brazil are, from Samba parties in the street, to yummy foods and cocktails on hot sunny beaches, we love this place! If you’re heading to the south of America, leave all the skin care products you’re used to back home in the US and stock up when you arrive in Brazil, because the luscious Sol de Janeiro brand is bound to get you looking like a local in no time! From Samba Foot Fetish Cream to Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, you’ll come back looking like a Brazilian goddess, not a doubt in our minds!

Korres on the Islands of Greece (again)

Korres - beauty abroad


Another very popular brand amongst the goddess-like women and men of Greece is their Korres brand, this is once brand we just cannot wait to get our hands on! Not only do they have active Yogurt-based sunscreens, but they have an entire beauty, skincare and hair care range, for both women and men…and even for kiddies! Their brand has been around for years and years, and we think that they might just be the secret the Greeks have been keeping from us all, as to why they have such glowy and amazing skin! Be sure to stock-up on some of the beauty products while roaming the streets of Greece, we know we won’t be able to resist!

African Botanics in South Africa

african botanics beauty abroad

If you’re planning a safari in the African sun, or are whether yours plans are on trying out all the trendy restaurants and clubs of Cape Town, make sure you set aside a day in your trip to get your hands on lusciously yummy body and skincare products from the African Botanics range! This epic range of body and beauty products has been very uniquely made under the South African sun, using the Marula fruit, which can only be found in the African forests, and which is highly rich in minerals and antioxidants! This is a must have brand to most locals and is gaining a ton of popularity in the states, so much sure you stock up and bring back some of that African love with you

The A’Kin of Australia


The Antipodeans sure know a couple of secrets when it comes to beauty and skincare and if you happen to be down-under for a holiday, make sure you pop into their local health food stores, as this is the only place you’ll find their skin nourishing range of A’Kin, which has no traces of silicone, parabens and is completely cruelty free! know a thing or two about beauty and there’s a hidden gem called A’Kin to be found in Australia’s local health food stores, which is silicone, paraben and cruelty free. There are rumours that the local drugstore in England, Boots – also stock a limited amount of A’Kin products so be sure to check them out if you’re heading over to London as well!


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