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A Taste Of What MyTopFace Is All About

@ksenia__nyc and @yulia_nar_photography in a collaboration with CEO Portrait Studio (@ceoportrait)

My dear lovely friends, readers, makeup lovers, and those interested in all things beauty, I would like to share a special part of me which I wish to no longer keep silence. Giving my readers and supports a taste of the real me is now my goal and priority in order to really connect with all of you.

In order for someone to develop into the beauty expert you are today, they must go through an extreme length of dedication, time, and passion. Where did your journey in the beauty industry start?

My first spark in the beauty industry started back when I was 7 years old and my mother presented me with my first clear Dior gloss and Burberry Weekend fragrance. At the time I had no idea what those gifts even were and how much they would eventually mean to me.

Was your mother a massive lover of all things beauty like you turned out to be?

My mother worked in the beauty industry all her life. Throughout my childhood, I was surrounded by all things beauty, in which I fell in love with as I learned a lot. Since young, I tried to always do right by my skin, my body, and my health, as taught by my mother.

My first job in the beauty industry was a sales consultant for a beauty company. Soon after I decided to slightly change pathways by enrolling into a University. The University was quite a distance away from my house, I had a large course load, I started to learn two more languages, which meant me working full-time was impossible. On the side, I started creating events for Jean Piaubert, a skin care brand.

You had done a lot of yourself before and during your academic career. What did you then pursue after?

After I received my degree I started working in Abbott Laboratories, where I learned a lot about supplements, ingredients, injections. At the time I had no idea how much important and helpful information I was fed, which still helps me today.

In what way was that information so helpful to you?

I then took everything I learned and expanded my experience. I eventually moved on to coordinating luxury events for fragrance companies such as Burberry, Joe Malone, and others. Further down the line I switched gears and worked in L’Oreal’s PR department. The experience was amazing, the company was impeccable, although the work was intense. I then decided to take the work I was putting into a company and channel that same energy into my own online magazine, in which MyTopFace was born!

Beauty Bloggers and other magazines demonstrate similar work compared to MyTopFace. What puts the fine line between your work and theirs?

The fine line is that we do not advertise beauty companies and we are not getting paid for reviewing products. We are independent, while most bloggers are openly or hidden sponsored. We do receive offers for paid/sponsored articles but we always refuse, we are not associated with any brand, but represent independent makeup journalism. We do receive a lot of inquiries to collaborate and those are very welcome, but we conduct research before deciding which product/brand to proceed with. Brands provide us with their products in order to efficiently review every aspect that the reader is looking for. My team includes makeup artists, writers, editors, and individuals who support our online magazine. Our writers know several languages, have quality education in journalism, and writers of many books. I am very proud of my team and with that said, we are far from a beauty blog, we are a magazine.

What hard work goes to entailing MyTopFace collaborates with a company?

Without the requirement, we collaborate with brands that have just as much interest in collaborating with us as we do with them. A huge amount of research is required to help us gain helpful and resourceful insight to provide to our readers. The same amount of work is put in when we write about salons, clinics, spas, and much more including special treatments from Kryolife!

Are brands ever required to pay a fee for having their products tested and reviewed?

We do not work on paid terms with any brand on any product, as where the money involved review can be manipulated. We do not aim to show good and bad sides or compare products to each other if the product is bad in some way its review won’t be published. We aim to teach people how to use products, to choose the right product for the right reason and tell people about what’s new on the market. Those companies that are looking to promote their products on our site are welcome to do so advertising banners on our site, but this is different from the sponsored article.

What happens after your collaboration with Brand in finished?

Our collaborations are not finished after the article, usually, it’s just the start. In most cases, we have been asked to review more products, attend events, and have even been invited to launches of a new line of products for companies we have written about for their previous line, such as Lalique press launch. Some launches have even been across country for the launch of a nail kiosk, by FingerNails2Go! Also, some of our most-valued collaborations have been with celebrity hairstylists such as Fred Connors, and salon owners such as Susan Ciminelli.

Out of all the routes to take your education and experience, what made you decide to go for an online magazine, to be specific?

Taking my worry for trees and the environment, I proposed to myself that an online magazine is a much better alternative to the excessive amount of paper needed to create a magazine.

mytopface about
@ksenia__nyc and @yulia_nar_photography in a collaboration with CEO Portrait Studio (@ceoportrait)

What is the specific aim of MyTopFace? What is the goal you and your team works hard to achieve?

The MyTopFace team aims to write about everything to make everyone’s beauty more beautiful and explain how products work and whom they will fit, as well as discover new products on the market. In order to do so, which is the most important thing, our team thoroughly and efficiently tests everything we get our hands on. We never charge our brands for a single article, unlike most bloggers, depending on their personal choice.

Testing products to ensure your feedback is accurate must be a big ordeal. What are some ways you accurately test products?

Efficiently testing products to deliver our readers informative and helpful information is our ultimate goal. If my team and I need to hop in the shower, hop into a car, wear something for an extended period of time, or even have to dance in the rain while wearing waterproof mascara, we do it! If you would like a taste of what MyTopFace is all about, check out our video showcasing us, our Expert testing out a product in a cool sports car!

The goal and sole mission of the challenges conducted by MyTopFace are to give our readers an actual representation of how we real-life test products for the most accurate feedback of results. This video is a slight representation of how we test. Our challenges are serious in order to obtain real results, yet comical to continuously have our viewers engaged.

Although common MyTopFace challenge practices are a bit more extreme than most, our results are most accurate. Some of our tests are as extreme as dancing in the rain, 24-hour wear, and our newly executed test, sticking our head out o a car window. Common tests that are conducted amongst other publications to seek ultimate efficiency of products are as simple as putting lipstick on and kissing a wall, but for MyTopFace, we think hard on how to test at a different plateau.

After purchasing the Fructis Hair Spray, average wind speeds were not enough for us, neither was a high-powered fan. Questioning our dare to intensify this specific challenge we took a super fast car then found ourselves flying down an air track. Before jumping in, our Expert evenly sprayed the spray throughout her entire head of hair. She then let her hair out of the car window, hair traveling at 60 mph winds.

Once our thorough test was conducted our Expert was glad to see that her hair was still intact and that the hairspray did, in fact, hold it’s promised maximum hold.

Entire MyTopFace team truly and honestly cares about what we do so we hope every single one of our readers enjoys what we have already provided to you all and our exciting future articles and tests you can still look forward to, too!


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