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Agave Healing Oil Smooths and Hydrates Frizzy, Damaged Hair

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Many of us, especially those with curly, or simply over processed hair, are always looking for new products to use on our unruly, damaged, frizzy hair. The battle of the frizzy, broken strands of straw seems like it’s never-ending, and we are always on the hunt for the next best thing. Unfortunately, when we find products that work, they only treat one problem. We might find a shampoo and conditioning brand that helps condition, but the shampoo is still too drying, or we find a product that tames the frizz but leaves our locks feeling weighed down and looking way too greasy. It’s tough to find a cleansing, conditioning and repairing regimen that truly works without pitfalls. But, after trying hundreds of disappointing products, we think we’ve finally found a haircare recipe that works from all angles. Agave Healing Oil has us stunned and has left us standing in front our bathroom mirrors, just running our fingers through our newly glossy strands.

Agave Healing Oil products are the ultimate ticket out of your damaged hair woes. Because damaged hair causes the ever-dreaded split ends, our mane can produce a bevy of fly-a-ways, better known as frizz. Frizz is one of the most hated hair catastrophes in the beauty game and it can totally destroy your sleek look on a night out. Frizz can also spawn from dry hair, specifically curly, dry hair, so it’s always important to keep your strands hydrated from root to tip. We all slather on frizz-taming potions and leave-in conditioning treatments, but the only way to really get to the root of the issue is to tackle it in the shower. The right shampoo and conditioner is the key to curing damaged hair that just won’t budge.

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Our experts at MyTopFace tried the Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner from Agave Healing Oil and being that we struggle daily with thick, curly, broken hair, we found this combo to be miracle-like when it comes to treating our concerns. Besides the end result, the most exciting part about using the shampoo and conditioner was that after every reparative hydrating duo we’ve tried, Agave is the first one we have used with a shampoo that is truly hydrating. Most shampoos say they are moisturizing, but if we’re being honest, most shampoos are nothing but a cleansing dry-out without their conditioning counterpart. The Agave Smoothing Shampoo felt light and hydrating even when dispensed in our hands, and when massaged into the scalp, the solution felt just as expected. Followed by the conditioner, these two make the perfect pair. The conditioner, left on for 5 minutes to penetrate the hair shaft, complimented the shampoo by providing both hydration and a smoothing effect. Afterward, we noticed more defined, supple curls and more bounce, without the added frizz. And, while many reparative shampoos and conditioners can be heavy creams that weigh hair down, the Agave smoothers are noticeable light, leaving almost no excess weight and no greasy feel.

Oil Treatment

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After our spa-like shower with Agave, we then massaged in the Agave Healing Oil Treatment. This part of the Agave routine was probably our favorite. When worked evenly through the hair, the Oil Treatment gives your hair style more definition, your strands hydration and smooths noticeable frizz. After using the oil, we can’t stop stroking our hair. We applied to damp hair, just out of the shower, but you can apply to damp or dry strands to smooth frizz and add moisture. The Oil Treatment helps protect color-treated hair, sealing in your favorite hue, for longer-lasting color between touch-ups at the salon. We love the Oil Treatment because it smooths frizz without leaving us looking greasy and un-showered. It also leaves hair smelling like the sweet Agave plant and adds sheen to dull, lifeless strands. The oil application allows for softer, smoother hair as you style it, leaving us glowing without the grease.

While styling our Agave-approved do, it is only natural to use an Agave-approved brush. Our experts tried the Agave Natural Bamboo Paddle Brush, just right for smoothing our hair when styling with a blow dryer. This brush makes styling quicker, and with the added oil and complimenting brush working together, your dry time is ultimately quicker. The brush adds a silky shine to already smooth locks and detangles with ease.

When you’re through blowing dry your locks, finish your style with the Agave Revitalizing Shine Spray. This spray will tame any leftover fly-a-ways and add even more shine to your hair with no fear of that slick, oily look. To keep your ends even healthier, spray on wet end directly before styling. This spray will not only add shine but make that sweet Agave scent last all day.

MTF (MyTopFace) Beauty Hacks: For heat protection before styling your hair, spray the Agave Revitalizing Shine Spray all over damp strands to shield your hair from the damaging heat of blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons.

Agave Healing Oil Revitalizing Shine Spray

Agave Healing Oil haircare products are a sure win when it comes to smoothing frizz and hydrating dry, broken strands. At MyTopFace, we’ll be keeping these products in our shower caddy for years to come.


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