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Amarté Skincare Korean Ingredient Science Brightens Skin for an Elite and Enviable Complexion

Amarté Skincare

For years, the women of Korea have been considered the most beautiful women in the world. Why? Because of their radiant, flawless skin. Their porcelain, doll-like complexion has been admired as a work of art with the colorful, paint-like cosmetics used to offset their perfectly pale canvas. These days, everyone aspires to be a bronze beauty, hitting the beach or the pool, tanning beds, or even spray tanning. We’ve become a culture of sun-worshippers and anyone who has a lighter complexion is often told they need to sit by the pool because they look ghostly. What we aren’t as conscious of is how sun-exposure speeds up the aging process, causes our skin to have a leather-like texture, opens our dermis to discolorations and brown spots, and puts us in danger of skin cancer. The fashion and beauty industries, with each passing season, have tried to make the lighter complexions popular again, but thousands of women continue to tan and damage their skin. However, there are many women today who embrace pale skin, moisturize and wear sunscreen every day to keep away from Botox as long as they can. The Koreans are still considered pioneers of skincare for their unique skin-loving ingredients and the science behind every potion they produce. Experts say they are 12 years ahead of US skincare solutions, and at MyTopFace, our experts are believers. After trying the dermatologist recommended Amarté Skincare line made in Korea, we see why Korean women have such flawless, glowing skin and we plan to steal their regimen, with this Korean crafted, “miracle” skincare.

Amarté Daily Exfolipowder and Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam

Our experts tested the Amarté cleansing and moisturizing facial products and after only one use our skin was noticeably more beautiful. Having acne-prone, oily and sensitive skin we fell in love with the Amarté Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam which deep cleans pores, stripping out any excess oil. Your skin feels sucked dry of any greasy residue, yet still feels silky and smooth. It’s called a foam, but it dispenses as more of a cream cleanser and works up into a rich lather on the skin, almost as if your cleansing with a sweet-smelling moisturizer. It leaves skin feeling calm and nourished, ready for moisture and makeup products. The Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam is meant to soothe, brighten and heal skin, and we think it does its job.

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We also tried the Amarté Daily Exfolipowder, an exfoliating cleanser that comes in a powder base, soft enough to use twice daily and won’t scratch skin. To use, shake a small amount of loose powder into wet hands, rub hands together to get a creamy lather going and apply to wet facial skin, massaging the creamy powder into the skin. You will feel a slight exfoliation, but is getting the job done, sloughing off all your dead skin cells without irritating the skin like most harsh exfoliates. The powder is rich in antioxidants, meant to calm and brighten the skin. Brightness is one of the most noticeable changes within our skin at MyTopFace. After using Amarté products we noticed some of our acne scarring was significantly lighter and the overall redness in our facial skin was virtually gone.

Amarté Overnight Express Therapy Sleeping Mask

After we cleansed and prepped our face for moisture, we use the Overnight Express Therapy just before bed. This is a sleeping moisture mask that you massage into skin just like an everyday moisturizer, but do not rinse off, leave on the entire night. When we awoke the next morning, we noticed our skin was silky, plump and exuded an even brighter complexion. This mask is meant to not only moisturize the skin, but to also brighten, tighten and clarify the skin, so this mask can be used without worry on acne-prone skin. The mask has a light, fresh citrusy scent, providing a soothing aroma to fall asleep to.

After cleansing once again with Amarté products in the morning, we reached for the Amarté Aqua Lotion and Natural Finish BB Cream. You can use one or the other, but we wanted to use the BB cream in place of our foundation for a more made up look for day, and because we wanted a more moistened complexion, we also slathered on the Aqua Lotion underneath our BB cream. The Aqua Lotion went on similar to a gel moisturizer…it was cooling and light in texture, absorbing into skin rapidly and leaving a non-greasy feel behind. Then we applied the BB cream overtop like a foundation, patting it on with our fingers and blending it in with our Beauty Blender sponge. It went on like a second-skin foundation, creating a natural and dewy finish. The BB cream covered most of our imperfections, which are composed of some small blemishes and minimal post-acne marks. The Aqua Lotion gave the BB cream an even smoother canvas to blend upon and helped further moisturize any leftover dry skin patches that might flake.

Amarté BB cream and Aqua Lotion

As we always say at MyTopFace, “With great skin, comes great accessories,” so in order to draw attention to your new, flawless Korean-pampered complexion you’ll need just a little bling to turn those heads. Right now, we’re loving Tofara jewelry. It’s African-inspired design with a contemporary aesthetic and unique, just like you. We are just loving our new Tofara Gold Ndebele Cuff. It’s so chic and we can’t wait to take the perfect selfie with our new skin and new jewelry, to reflect our new found happiness. Tofara is a Shona phrase, which means “we are happy,” and we firmly agree. This cuff comes in 3 sizes, snap buttons at its closure and the rings are a symbol of a wife’s bond to her husband, but we’ll still wear it even if we’re single. Check out some beauty hacks from our experts below, that will help your new skincare regimen shine even brighter, just like your Tofara jewelry.
Amarte Skincare and Tofara Jewelry

MyTopFace (MTF) Beauty Hacks: When applying the BB cream, you can mix the Aqua Lotion with it for even less coverage, allowing only your natural skin to shine through, and we recommend highlighting and touching up any larger imperfections with a light concealer. Make sure to set the BB cream with a translucent setting powder if you have an oily skin type. It will help balance shine from the cream and regulate how oil shows through the product finish.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed using Amarté Skincare and have seen immediate results. We intend to make this skincare line a part of our daily regimen and we expect to be complimented on how naturally beautiful our skin is, more often than not. Check out Amarté online for a full list of next-level ingredients that are sweeping a Korean skincare revolution through the beauty industry, and capturing the high expectations of complexion-conscious women everywhere.

Amarté Skincare


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