Home Makeup Anastasia Beverly Hills: Bestsellers for the Women Who Want the Best

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Bestsellers for the Women Who Want the Best

eye makeup for brown eyes

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Bestsellers for the Women Who Want the Best

Anastasia Soare started her salon as a mother-daughter business that is now world famous. She is the definitive expert on brows and eyes makeup and has even created some of her own product. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then she transforms the window dressing into the most beautiful available.

Her two salons are famous but the products and tips available on her site are enough to keep the rest of the world happy.

Pamper Your Brows

Unsurprisingly, most of the products on the Anastasia Beverly Hills bestsellers list help to spruce up the brows or color the eyes perfectly.

  1. Artist Palette: Twelve shades with finely ground powder to give you flexibility in your looks. This is a limited edition palette.
  2. Perfect Brow Pencil: A soft nib makes it slide velvety smooth on your skin. It has a vitamin E infused formula to prevent it from being rough on sensitive skin.
  3. Brow Wiz: The perfect mechanical pencil to fill in the outline on your brows or hide the parts where the tweezers have been over-zealous. Firm but not hard and soft without being watery.
  4. Eye Shadow Singles: Buy a few of these and make up a set of perfect colors for yourself for any time use. They’re available in an astonishing eighty four hues and eight finishes.
  5. Brow Kit: The perfect kit to keep your brows in condition between salon appointments. The kit containing five Stencils based on Anastasia Soare’s own innovative Golden Ratio, including Precision Tweezers and Clear Brow Gel.

eye makeup for brown eyes

Feeling Like You Want A Little More Glamour?

If you love the products but have already bought too many of these deliciously tempting eye shadow singles, there are other options. Products on the Anastasia Beverly Hills bestseller list are a guarantee from the thousands of women who loved these products before you.

  • Liquid Lipstick: On the Bestseller list. Smear-resistant liquid lipstick that gives a matte effect. One application is enough for hours of use. Available in over fifteen colors.
  • Contour Cream Kit: On the Bestseller list. Use this readymade kit (available in four palettes) to enhance the natural beauty of your features. Three highlighting and three contouring shades work together in an easy-to-use formula.
  • Beauty Genius: A gel formula that acts as a basecoat, especially for the Brow Wiz or Perfect Brown Pencil.
  • Lip Primer: A colorless primer that will hydrate your lips and keep it ready for lip color and prevent color from fading.



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