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Apply These Skin Pi Products Prep and Prime your Skin

Skin Pi was founded by former international runway model Goby Lui. During her time as a full-time model Goby became really interested and well educated in skin care and beauty rituals. After Goby became a mother her main focus turned from the catwalk to producing skin care products that give amazing results, are easy to use, and are transfer safe for mothers to use around their babies or young children. The brand is centered around the idea of using products to create promote the best version of yourself on the inside and out, and that’s an amazing concept that we at MyTopFace can get behind..

xF Exfoliating Scrub

Skin Pi xF Exfoliating Scrub

The xF Exfoliating Scrub is a very light and gentle scrub that easily removes dead skin cells from your body in a matter of seconds. The formula of this product is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in an exfoliating scrub because of its fluid, gel-like texture that doesn’t use sugar, salt, seeds, or grains to take away the dead skin, this is what makes this product so gentle. When you first apply this unique product you will definitely be surprised by its consistency. This exfoliating scrub claims to be very effective at drawing out impurities and scrubbing away dead cells from the skin, and because of its moisturizing properties it also claims to improve the dry skin without irritating it. The last thing this product claims is that with each use you should be able to notice new and revitalized skin that is plumper, softer, and healthier. It is advised not to use this product if you are allergic to nuts or if you have irritated or sunburned skin. The caution label, that can be found on the side of the box or on the company’s website, also advises users to stop using this product if your skin becomes irritated after being applied and rinsed off well. If your skin is still having problems while after using this product it is recommended that you see a doctor immediately. This product is not to be applied around your eyes and mouth and should be kept out of the reach of children. All you have to do to use this scrub is pump 1-2 squirts of the product onto your fingertips, then use circular motions to massage it into the area you’d like to exfoliate. Next, rinse the exfoliated area with lukewarm water and gently pat the skin with a soft towel. Lastly enjoy your new rejuvenated, baby-like skin and revel in its softness, and make sure to use 1-2 times a week to quickly achieve amazing results.

Hemp Seed Oil Skin Mask

Skin Pi Hemp Seed Oil Skin Mask

The Hemp Seed Oil Skin Mask (or HSO Skin Mask for short) is a really cool skin mask that claims to feel like virtually nothing is on your skin when you’re wearing it. The formula of the essence of this masks is infused with hemp seed oil which is known to be very moisturizing and thick. The essence is also jam packed with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which are commonly known for their anti-inflammatory properties as well as being able to reduce redness in the skin. Like most sheet masks this one also has anti-aging properties. These important anti-aging ingredients claim to stimulate your skin cells in order to promote cell production and regeneration in order to smooth out your skin’s overall complexion. The almost invisible sheet mask is able to keep your skin moisturized and free of irritation because of its nutrient-rich formulation that is filled with ingredients that help to repair your skin. Four important features of this face mask that stand out are the high amounts of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids that are found in the masks formula, the fact that it’s safe on the skin because it has been dermatologically tested, it is cruelty free, and it helps with the reproduction of healthy new skin cells. In order to apply this sheet mask, you must start out by gently removing the contents of the sheet mask from the pouch. Before applying the mask make sure to thoroughly clean your face to remove all excess dirt and oil from the skin. Next gently unfold the mask and apply it over your face so that as much of your skin is covered by the mask as possible. After that, remove the blue backing from the mask once it is securely on your face and throw it away. Leave the mask on your skin for 15-20 mins while your skin absorbs as much of the nutrient-rich essence as it can. After that peel off the sheet mask, throw it away, and gently pat whatever is left of the essence in your skin. It is recommended to use this product at least 2-3 times a week in order to achieve beautiful, healthy and refreshed skin.

MyTopFace Hack: We at MyTopFace suggest using this exfoliator all over your body before spending the day at the beach tanning in order strip away old skin cells to allow your skin to get a nice and even tan. We also recommend using this before you shave your legs or armpits do reduce irritation and redness after you shave.


We at MyTopFace found both of the products that we reviewed to be very interesting, in a good way. The xF Exfoliating Scrub was very new and different for us because it works differently than most scrubs to exfoliate the skin. It’s hard to explain but we absolutely love the fact that you can see the dead skin cells coming off your skin as you are using the product. That’s how we knew it was really working. We at MyTopFace fell in love with how gentle the product is on the skin so much that we tried it out all over our bodies to see if we would notice a difference and we did. We were very surprised with how baby soft and moisturized our skin felt after using this exfoliator and can’t get enough of it. Next, comes the Hemp Seed Oil Sheet Mask which lived up to its claim at being highly moisturizing. We at MyTopFace all agree that this product will give you super moisture surged skin that lasts for a couple of days after using the mask. One thing we noticed about this mask was how easy it was to apply, which is really rare to find in sheet masks since most of them are so annoying and difficult to put on. The blue backing really helped with getting the mask on quickly and evenly. We could tell the anti-aging properties of this sheet mask were working because our skin felt tight tingly and firm even during the next day after using the mask. We at MyTopFace really enjoyed using Skin Pi products for the first time and are excited to use more from the brand in the future.


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