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Arabic wedding make-up – Flaunt Smokey eyes

Flaunt Smokey eyes

How to get your own Smokey eyes like those beautiful Arab women?

It is always exciting and also tough to get the best look for yourself during the wedding seasons. There are many ways and many different styles to look your best, and various countries have their own unique styles that are most popular within their own respective regions.

In the Middle East, a country well-known for its riches and beautiful women, the wedding seasons are an even more glamorous affair. The women here are as extravagant in their self-expression as the wealth in which in they live in.

The women here flaunt naturally large eyes that are beautiful and striking. It is one of the first features you will notice about her and is the one that you will probably remember most. The women are aware of this, and they take things a notch higher by accentuating and highlighting their eyes with Smokey eyes-makeup.

The style of make-up most popular amongst the women here is dark make-up. The women here besides being blessed with large beautiful eyes, have fair skin, and with darker shades of make-up, it helps them bring beautiful contrasts in their facial features.

Mostly, during wedding days, you will see Arabic women with large, beautiful Smokey eyes, perfectly complementing her fair glowing complexion.

Most times you will see that Arabic make-up comprises of the usage of two colours, which they blend together in beautiful combinations to get a desired look. These colours are usually bold colours like red, golden, black and blue. It makes for a more dramatic looking make-up. The most important aspect is to get the eye make-up right. Sometimes an additional eye lash is also used to make the eyes look more dramatic.

Flaunt Smokey eyes

How to get the best Smokey eye look for your own wedding:

1. Cover up dark circles, if any. In order to do that, you can either use a concealer or a foundation of good quality.
2. After this move on ahead towards applying a golden shadow to your eyes (use a good quality brush).
3. After you have applied the base golden shadow, apply a dark kohl inside the eye.
4. While applying the kohl make sure that you use a flat brush, it will provide you with the best results.
5. If you want your make-up to look more striking, then you can get a more intense look by using a liquid liner.
6. Lastly, do not forget to apply mascara to your eye lashes too.

These tips and trick will surely help you in getting the right look during the wedding seasons, or for that matter any events or occasions. Make sure that along with these tips, you use the right products and use the right brushes. It helps you not only get the right look, but also helps you save time and get ready quickly. Then you have ample of time to get the look for your dress right.


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