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Audrey Hepburn Makeup Tutorial

audrey hepburn makeup


Audrey Hepburn’s looks always brings in awe in our minds, the way her faces bones aligned, her eyes and her small frame. There can never be another Audrey Hepburn, however, we can definitely recreate her look albeit in a small way.

There are many beauty tricks and trips that established makeup artists have practiced over time and we can surely take some cues from them. Let us look at how we can recreate the retro style of looking fab.

Using a Primer

The skin should look fresh, young and sparkling. To achieve this you could use a primer before going ahead with the makeup. This will make sure that your makeup stays for a longer period of time and your skin looks gorgeous and flawless.

Apply Base for Foundation

For your make up to look great just like Audrey you should take care that you select a very light color that suits your skin. There are two main steps for this:

  • You must make sure that you do not overdo this and apply it very lightly.
  • The best results can be obtained if you use a liquid foundation.
  • Try not to apply with hands.
  • Use an appropriate brush for foundation.

Conceal It

If there are flaws under your eyes you could use creams and lotions to conceal them. The under eyes should be completely covered for flaws lest the makeup makes them even more noticeable.

Use Powder

You could use a concealing powder to make the concealment unnoticeable. The best result can be achieved using a concealment powder loosely.

audrey hepburn makeup

Makeup Eyebrows

Audrey Hepburn’s brows were the talk of the town. Her brows were flawless, but still the makeup artist had to redo her natural looking brows for this effect.

You could practice brow makeup a couple of times before you attempt to do this. Your aim is to achieve a thick brow for this look.

Use a stencil if it helps. Stencils can help remove the need for careful eye brow makeup. Stencils also help you mark the eyebrow and fill in any defects in it.



Audrey’s eye lashes look gorgeous in all her photographs. If you observe carefully you would notice that they were not real. They were fake eyelashes. You should make sure that while applying a fake one you are not obviously showing it.

This is a tricky part and needs quite a lot of practice before you can master it.

Applying Eyeliner

These are some very simple tips in applying eyeliner.

  1. Make sure that you are using a light brown color for the eyeliner.
  2. Do not make it too obvious or make the eyebrows look too dark.
  3. It has to be augmented in such a way that it does not look artificial.
  4. Filling in any defects before applying eye liner is essential. Use an eyebrow brush for best results.

Applying The Shadow

When you are applying the eye shadow make sure that you use a lot of powder which helps you remove any excess powder that would fall while applying. Experiment with different shades of eye shadow. Choose the one that suits best to your skin tone. Everything should look balanced.

Blushy Cheeks
Use a very high quality blush your cheeks. Too much of color can make it look pinkish or red.


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