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Back to Cool with Susan Ciminelli

Susan Ciminelli Beauty Routine

Experts of our team are in love with Susan Ciminelli and the services of her salon, so we every time coming back for new treatments and hugs with Susan :).

We would like to share our experience about Herbal Body Wrap which is not required to wash after, and, we would like to open the main secret of Susan’s youthful and radiant skin.

MTF: Susan please share with us your daily routine

Susan: When I wake up in the morning, generally between 5:30 and 6:00 depending on the day, I perform all of my oral hygiene by first brushing my teeth and scraping my tongue. A few times a week I perform ‘pulling” which is an ancient Ayurvedic practice for strengthening my gums and pulling toxins from deep under the gum line. I put a tablespoon of organic cold pressed sesame oil, or cold pressed organic coconut oil in my mouth, before brushing my teeth. I keep the oil in my mouth for about 1/2 hour. During that time I prepare my green tea, water with the juice of 1/2 fresh lemon juice, and a light breakfast of fresh berries, nuts, and either an organic egg or a blender drink. After 30 minutes, I get rid of the oil from my mouth and then brush my teeth and scrape my tongue. I rinse my mouth very well and then drink my water infused with fresh lemon juice. After this, I do at least 30 minutes of yoga and then meditate for 1/2 hour. After this, I drink my green tea and either eat my light breakfast or drink my blender drink.

After eating, I use a water pic to cleanse my teeth once more. I then shower with my Cleansing Gel from head to toe. I use my Algae Deep Cleanse, which is a natural peel for my face, neck, and décollete.

After I shower, I apply my Body Silk all over my body. On my face, I use my Hydrating Formula OR my Sensitive Skin Formula essential oils all over my face, neck, and décollete, then follow with a generous application of my Marine Lotion, Seawater and then my Special Reserve Cream and then apply my SPF sunscreen. At night, I shower again with my Cleansing Gel from head to toe, then use my Pore Minimizing Face Scrub on my face, neck, and décollete. After showering, I apply my Body Silk again on my whole body. And repeat my day time routine, except that I use the Restorative Red Marine Algae Cream and Eye and Wrinkle Cream.

Susan Ciminelli

A few times a week I use my Hydrating Gel Mask OR my Sea Clay Mask to tone my skin. I also dry brush my body starting at my ankles and working my way up to my face. Then I soak in my bathtub infused with my Algae Fine Powder as well as either my Toning Bath or my Calming bath, depending on my mood. I love to soak in the tub to release tension and deeply relax my mind and body. After my bath, I apply my body silk all over and then continue with my face routine.

I walk to and from work for daily exercise. At night I do a weight training to keep my muscles toned.

I spend most days at my spa working with clients and my core administrative co workers. I also work with my chemists to perfect our skin care line and am always working to create a new product. My latest product that is so spectacular is my 1-2-3 Glow Kit, which is a do it yourself facial treatment kit for home use. It is a wonderful and natural, healthy way to remove dead skin cells, hydrate and nourish your skin to give you the famous “Ciminelli Glow” as dubbed by the New York Times.
It is available on our website and at our spa.

It is also available, as is our full range of skin care products, at the beautiful spa at the Aman Hotel in Venice Italy, where I perform services on clients two weeks at a time, twice a year. Usually in November and February.

For my diet, I eat mainly protein and vegetables for lunch and dinner. I love a glass of wine with my dinner. Cooking is a passion for me. I spend most of my free time cooking and baking for my wonderful husband, and my friends.

About oral hygiene, at night time I repeat what I do in the morning, but I also floss after every meal. This type of oral hygiene helps prevent heart disease as well as break outs. It also helps strengthen the immune system. This type of oral hygiene also prevents rosacea in the skin.

MTF: Our MyTopFace expert did awesome herbal wrap, please tell more about this?

Susan Ciminelli Herbal Body Wrap

Susan: Our Herbal Body Wrap is a combination of detox herbs that we steep for an hour before soaking the sheets in them. They vary per person. We use such herbs as dandelion, milk thistle, stinging nettle, chamomile, rosemary, and thyme. We apply our Susan Ciminelli essential oils directly over the spine for relaxation, the kidney area and the liver area to heighten the detox effect of the body wrap. Lavender, clary sage, rosemary are used in the essential oil formulas. The body is wrapped in the hot sheets, and then a thick plastic wrap seals in the heat. A heating blanket is wrapped last around the body. The herbal wrap treatment is approximately 1 hour long. A person should NOT shower off the herbs after the wrap. The body is wiped off with a warm towel, and then my Marine Lotion is applied to the entire body for nourishment and skin toning.

The expert has reported that after treatment she felt like she lost few pounds! It gave a feeling of the sauna, being cleaned and detoxed.


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