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Balayage: Our Visit to Rogue House with Daisy Hair Affair

balayage at rogue house

After years in a conventional salon, Rogue House founder Jamielynn de Leon @yourloveablehairstylist had had enough.  14 years of styling lead her to her breaking point with conventional salons. After our last visit to Rogue House Salon, Our Mytopface Beauty expert was excited to see more of this salon and these artists. We visited the Raw Natural Born Artists exhibition where she was supporting one of her hair artists (@daisyhairaffair)  was exhibiting to learn more about their journey and their mission to make a positive impact on a flawed industry. We also visited the salon, nestled in the East Village, to learn more about their services, get styled and get some tips and tricks from the best and most friendly in the business.

Balayage Raw Natural Born Artists exhibition

MyTopFace: Tell us a bit about how you feel about working at Rouge House and how it differs from other salons?

Daisy: At Rogue House, we have the artistic freedom to chase our dreams with the full support of our team. Working for someone like Jamielynn who is an artist herself, we are given full reign to work on projects that we are passionate about. We try to put being good stylists first, and there is no pressure to begin upselling clients or adding on services they might not need. We take our artistic integrity first and Jamielynn wants that of us. It’s a refreshing change of pace from other salons. Rogue house is a safe space for self-expression, for both the hair artists and client!

After a long day at work, we try to make a relaxed environment in a city full of pretensions salons. It’s hard to find a salon where you can feel like you are just hanging out with your girlfriends by making a small-town vibe in the big city! And the hair! Great hair is always key!

MyTopFace: Tell us more about how you got into extensions and color?

Daisy: I have been doing extensions for 8 years now and found a love for it. I have begun doing education and teaching my craft as well which has helped me grow even more. At previous salons, I wasn’t being nurtured or given opportunities to grow. There was a huge hierarchy that was impossible to breach, leaving me unable to do what I really love and shine in. When joining Rouge House staff Jamielynn just said “Show me what you can do” and once I showed her what I was passionate about (extensions and color) she made a place for me to focus on that. We are all individual artists and Rogue House gives us a platform to share that.

MyTopFace: Do you have any advice for someone looking to make a big drastic change? Cut or color!

Daisy: My best advice is always to go slow! Take it in baby steps. With color, starting off gradually will ensure that the integrity of your hair is there. The health of your hair is my primary concern.  Also, having a thorough consultation with your stylist is key. Sit down and take time to really see that you are going to do this the proper way and you will be much happier with the results. It’s ALWAYS better to go darker (less harsh) than the inspiration photo or intended color than going too light right off the bat. That way you can build the color to your liking and there’s less of a chance of that initial shock.

The same can be said for a big cut. If my clients want to make a big cut (lobs and bobs are such a popular choice right now) I always pin their hair up to the length they want prior to making the cut, and I have them sit with it for a few minutes, getting used to looking at themselves with the huge change.

MyTopFace:  What is one celeb / or emerging trend you are loving lately? What is one you wish would go away?

Daisy: One trend I have been loving and we have gotten to play with a lot here is vivid colors and the mermaid trend. It’s such a fun thing to get to play with and I love it! We are all creators here so it’s fun to be able to be a true artist with color.

One trend I am not loving is the silver hair trend. There are so many processes (and potentially so much damage) to get a client to that very light base and it’s not a sustainable trend that will have longevity.

MyTopFace: What is the most rewarding part of your job? What do you enjoy most about being a stylist?

Daisy: I think I love the loyalty and bond I have built with my clients. I have been seeing a lot of these clients for years and it’s amazing to see them follow me from other salons. The best complement is the ladies that send me their mothers, sisters and families. So rewarding! I love to make people feel great. I cannot imagine doing anything else.

balayage rogue house salon

All in all, we loved our experience at Rogue House and would love to go back. Daisy took her time and explained every step of the process to our Beauty Expert. It was our first time lightening our very black hair and extensions. It took two color processes but we finally achieved this deep ashy blonde balayage without damaging our long strands. She made sure to use a hair mask and other nourishing treatments so that this deep coloring session would not damage our hair. It was this care and attention to detail that really made our experience so special.

Daisy is serious about making hair an art. When we visited her at her Art Show the week prior to our appointment, we could see her talent. She had crafted interpretations of the four seasons out of hair extensions, truly exquisite. Our MyTopFace Beauty expert was very thankful for the time Daisy spent with us. We are sure that any challenge you put in front of Daisy she could master!

Visit Daisy and Rogue House Salon at 76 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003 and follow along at @daisyhairaffiar and @roguehousesalon ! We know you will be happy with the environment and the results of your appointment.


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