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Beauty Talk With Yessenia At New You Beauty Bar NYC

New You Beauty Bar Mani Pedi

Many salons and beauty bars let you leave feeling the same way you came in, except with a slight change in your appearance. New You Beauty Bar will make sure you leave their Beauty Bar feeling like a brand new person, a better and more beautiful YOU. New You makes beautifying look effortless.

Our Mytopface Expert experienced her nail transformation first hand. No pun intended. Her Manicure and Pedicure was executed with quality service. The face behind this Beauty Bar is Yessenia. Yessenia was kind enough to answer some questions for our curious readers.

MyTopFace: To start, the beauty industry is at it’s peak and Beauty Bars and Salons are opening everywhere faster than we all can blink, how do you handle the neck and neck competition?

Yessenia: I exceed my competition by always providing great services and always having the most advanced nail features and hair products in the industry.
New You Beauty Bar Bronx

MyTopFace: What sets your Beauty Bar apart from the rest?

Yessenia: I believe we are different from all other Beauty Bars because we provide many different services all under one roof, such as Teeth Whitening, Individual Lashes, Waxing, Nails, and much more.

MyTopFace: Nail infections are becoming more common than ever before due to the lack of sanitation between each client. Infections are serious as they can cause major damage to one’s nails and health. How do you ensure your clients are risk-free?

Yessenia: I make sure everything is sanitized before and after each client to provide excellent service in a sanitized environment.

MyTopFace: Lash Extensions are not always handled as carefully as they should, resulting in one’s real lashes being ripped from the skin. Please elaborate on how your specialists make sure to handle the eye area of each client with special care.

Yessenia: We make sure to take our time when doing a removal as patience is key in every step of this service.

New You Beauty Bar Lash Extensions

MyTopFace: Do you have any tips for readers who may be unsure of how to care for the Lash Extensions you provide?

Yessenia: Without a doubt we recommend to not sleep on your face and always cleanse your Lashes daily. Combing your lashes daily also helps to maintain lashes.

MyTopFace: How often would you recommend a client to come back for a refill?

Yessenia: Clients are always advised to return 2-4 weeks after the initial service for a refill.

MyTopFace: Do your specialists provide extra nail services upon asking such as the adding of rhinestones, gems, glitter, sparkles, and more?

Yessenia: My nail specialists certainly do provide rhinestones, gems, glitter, and more.

MyTopFace: The fact that you and your team offers a Teeth Whitening treatment is a great way to set your Beauty Bar apart from the rest. Please explain exactly how and what kind of Teeth Whitening treatment is offered.

Yessenia: The Teeth Whitening we provide lightens the color of one’s teeth and helps remove stains and discoloration. Whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures due to the fact that it can greatly improve how one’s teeth appearance. Whitening is not a one-time procedure, so we ensure quality sessions with our clients.

MyTopFace: On your site we see that you list both session one and session two of your Teeth Whitening procedure. Is two sessions all it takes for one’s teeth to be whiter?

Yessenia: It ultimately depends on the client. Some clients may need more, and for some two sessions is all it takes for a whiter smile.

New You Beauty Bar teeth whitening

MyTopFace: Our expert was more than satisfied with the gel Mani and Pedi she received in your beautifully-decorated Beauty Bar. How long can she or any interested reader expect their gel service to last?

Yessenia: The gel Mani should last any where from 2-4 weeks, and we are glad she enjoyed her service!

MyTopFace: Aside from your array of amazing services offered, do you plan on adding more to the list?

Yessenia: I feel we are comfortable with what we have right now, but no one knows what the future holds.

We here at Mytopface would like to thank New You Beauty Bar for ironing out some of our questions. Again, we are satisfied with the service our expert received as she walked out feeling a brand new her!


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