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Best Oxygen Facial at BodyBrite

BodyBrite Oxygen Facial

This week our beauty expert has visited her local beauty boutique BodyBrite for an Oxygen Facial procedure. BodyBrite is a chain of beauty salons specializing in Facials, Hair Removal, Skincare, and other beauty services.

The expert has reported that this one of the best Oxygen Facials she ever got and she definitely thinks to include this treatment to her weekly must-have service. Love, love love…

Tell us about your medical background, what inspired you to get into beauty industry?

My healthcare background began in emergency room triage. I would categorize the treatment of patients depending on the severity of their injury.  The urgency and rush of trauma inspired me to become more hands on. I wanted to be able to see patient’s through, from start to finish. I was offered a position as a surgical assistant in plastic surgery. Working in PS I learned that people feel good when they look good. That is what led me to esthetics, the BEAUTY, and WELLNESS dynamic of healthcare. For the most part, the inside anatomy of a person is the same. All the same, organs arranged in the same place, but the largest organ, the skin, is so uniquely different for each person. Its intricate layers are constantly evolving and consistently aging. I like to help delay this process and provide nourishment that fits each person’s concerns and type of skin.

That is why I love working in the beauty industry, there is no start to finish in skincare, it’s an on-going process. There are always new methods and treatments for improvement. Contributing to the transformation and development that makes someone feel better is my purpose.

skinceuticals triple lipid restore

Our expert got an Oxygen Facial – how does it work?

It works in a combination of adding a special serum and penetrating this serum into the skin with 90 % oxygen.  This combination of serum and oxygen support the skin with the life-giving essentials it needs. The active hyaluronic acid in combination with a huge amount of vitamins are the ingredients that activate and correct the moisture balance level in the skin.

How do you prepare skin for Oxygen facial?

First I prep the skin for an analysis. I decipher your type of skin and problematic areas.  A MyTopFace expert had combination skin with enlarged pores, so I recommended we clean and correct by using some anti-aging products. I exfoliated with a dermaOxy scrub. This allows me to remove dead skin, makeup, and debris. I then use a hot towel to clean away residue. I then select our special serum! It has similar effects as snake venom- it plumps and boosts the skin. Then, I insert the serum into our oxy pen to spray all over the face. With a special tool, I work the serums into the skin by massaging with oxygen. She had some red tones in her skin, so I incorporated SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel. It’s a green serum that counteracts redness. After the oxygen process is complete, I add hydration serums, moisturizing lotions, and SPF!

Oxygen Facial NYC

When/How do you know that Oxygen facial is the right procedure for the client?

The great thing about the Oxygen Facial is that it is for everyone! At some point, the skin becomes dull and depleted by toxins, but the oxygen facial is able to renew and restore the right nutrients to the skin giving it that GLOW! It is safe for all skin types!

How often can clients do Oxygen facial? 

It is safe to do every 7 days if necessary. But I mostly recommend it every two weeks. When doing proper skin care maintenance at home, you can use the oxygen facial as a boost once a month.

Oxygen Facial

Is Oxygen facial good for men?

Yes, in fact, its recommended for both sexes. Men need skincare treatment just as much as women. The oxygen facial equally benefits them.

What are pre and post care with Oxygen facial?

The great thing about the oxy facial is you don’t need to prepare, the esthetician will provide all the steps to give you a healthy look and feel. The post-care consist of leaving the applied serums for as long as possible so they can penetrate the skin. Avoid touching and irritating the skin.

What’s your personal beauty tips for healthy skin? 

I always tell my clients to think of skin as “the middle”. Everything you consume detoxes through the skin. So eating healthy, drinking lot of water- that’s how you nourish the inside. Then for the outside, I recommend protecting yourself from environmental factors like sun and pollution. Wearing SPF daily, even if it’s cloudy the rays are still out! Avoid unsanitary debris by cleansing properly. Exfoliating regularly but not every day (you don’t want to dry out the skin). Applying vitamin C topically is not the same as consuming it orally, the skin needs vitamin from both spectrum.

What’s your favorite beauty service and why?

Microneedling! I love both performing it and getting the treatment! It reverses the aging process by using microscopic channels that absorb specialty serums. It is the perfect treatment to revitalize! It can treat different concerns such as pigmentation, scars, acne marks, hair loss, wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, and more!


Please tell us more about (upcoming) events in your spa? 
We have seasonal parties! Each season we celebrate the best treatments for that time of year with lots of promotional deals and giveaways. We also host a ‘Botox and Bubbles’ party once a month. On occasion, we have specialty parties to introduce new services and demos. You can inquire about the next event on our website or social media.

What makes your med-spa different?
Our med-spa is a small space that is by appointment only, but occasionally we can accommodate walk-ins. We give our undivided attention to each client to ensure the most care during their visit. That is why celebrities and models love to visit us! We keep a private atmosphere to ensure your beauty secrets. We offer FREE consultations and skin analysis to demonstrate that we want to help set your skin routine!

For our readers and followers, BodyBrite provides 25% off on their services just mention MyTopFace – Stay tuned for our next visits to BodyBrite!


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