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Best Tips on How to Apply Concealer

how to apply concealer

how to apply concealer

How To Apply Concealer

‘Sheer layers and gradual build-up’ is the advice from Allure magazine’s editors. This is the best way on how to apply concealer using the following steps:

  • Dot the area under your eyes with concealer. Stay close to the lashes. Apply a dot to the inside corner of your eyes too; stay safe and don’t get too close or the concealer will get in your eye. Use your little finger or a small-headed brush with firm bristles to get this step done.
  • Using the pad of your middle finger, tap the concealer dots and start blending them one with the other and evenly across your under-eye area. Never rub, only tap. The middle finger has been found gentler than the index when it comes to this step.
  • If you find any uneven spots on the face, apply concealer there using the same dot and tap technique. These areas include the chin, around the mouth and nose.
  • If you can still see blemishes or unevenness, apply more concealer in those spots; dot and tap.
  • You should dust fine loose powder on your face. This settles the concealer. Apply the powder using a fluffy brush.

how to apply concealer

How To Use Concealer

First thing to know is ‘what is concealer used for’. As the name itself suggests, you use it to conceal or hide marks, lines, blemishes, pigmentations and other unwanted displays so you can flaunt flawless skin. Here are two ways you can use concealers:

  1. How To Hide Acne Using Concealer – Using a stiff brush with a fine pointy tip dab the concealer on your acne marks. Use one that suits your skin tone. Apply mostly on the red areas and not necessarily the raised acne bumps.

Apply a second layer and dust off with translucent powder. If you’ve overdone it, use a tissue to buff the extra concealer away. However, it’s better to moisten a Q-tip with make-up remover and apply it to each pimple and re-cover them with concealer.

As you can imagine, acne is plentiful and will therefore take time to conceal. Clarin’s Instant Light Complexion Perfector is the best concealer for acne. It comes with good reviews but can be quite expensive (35 USD).

  1. How To Remove Dark Circles Using Concealer – The most recommended rule is not to use your basic concealer to hide dark circles. Look for an under-eye concealer that specializes in covering dark spots. These work to brighten the areas under your eyes. You can therefore understand that they’re not to be used to disguise blemishes or redness. Here’s a step-by-step guide:
  • Use moisturizing under-eye cream during the day. Use a lighter cream before make-up application. Correctors and concealers glide smoothly thanks to this.
  • Under-eye correctors formulated especially for dark circles are important. Choose the right shade for your skin tone. Women have said that Bobbi Brown’s products are great in this regard. Use the dot and tap technique detailed earlier to apply the corrector under your eyes.
  • Now comes the concealer. Choose a yellow-based one with a shade that’s lighter than your skin tone. Make sure to blend this well using the same dot and tap technique.
  • Other make-up layers follow this, including foundation and settling powders.



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