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Blow Out Bar NYC

Blow Out Bar NYC

Who doesn’t like professional blow-out services? Well, if you got a long hair you probably know that this is not easy and not a fast process.

After a long research of the available salons and professionals, we found Lauren, owner of the Blow Out Bar NYC, who took care of hair of the CNBS news hosts.

The Blowout bar located in a friendly area in Queens – a very cute salon where you can get any hairstyle which you want for a very affordable price.

We’re excited to share our experience and interview with Lauren!

Lauren, how did your beauty journey begin?

After graduating from Aveda in Soho New York I started working at the Oscar Blandi salon on Madison Avenue. I worked there for 2 years and then was offered a job to work at CNBC to do hair for the morning anchors. I worked the 3 am a shift for about another 2 years.

blow out bar makeup

How did you come up with an idea to open The blowout bar?

I decided to open up the blowout bar because I was constantly being asked to do brides and clients hair that lived around me. Since I worked for television and not in a salon anymore I decided to open up my own place to bring people and make them feel comfortable in a cute little space. I did not ever think that the blowout bar was going to blowout up into what it has become.

You are using a secret beauty product which is Kim Kardashian’s favorite – what it is? 

I don’t really sell products in the salon but we do offer a lot of different services. One being the WOW dream coat spray. This anti-humidity spray is used on Kim Kardashian every day by Chris Appleton. It is applied after the shampoo and right before the blow-dry to prolong your blowout. It is a water replant and anti-humidity product. We offer this for an extra $10 and I absolutely love it.     

What product brands do you work on and why them?

So I always have loved the Sebastian line. I use their shampoo and conditioners on my clients because it just smells so good and doesn’t weight down the hair. I love their hairsprays to because they are flexible so if you spray too much you can always brush it out and doesn’t make the hair feel stiff and hard. I also always use the “It’s a 10” detangle spray before I start a blowout because it helps me brush out the hair and is a heat repellant. One last line that I love is Amika… the smell is so amazing. The dry shampoo and moose is amazing!!!

Blow Out Bar NYC Blow Dry

What’s your favorite hairstyle

I love when clients come in with the perfect haircut that allows me to style to the fullest. Long full hair that I can curl and tease up. Some people call this the Victoria secret blowout with big curls. I also love to be creative and do a lot of updos (for weddings and special occasions)

If you were a combination of any two beauty icons who would they be

I really am loving the way Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are styling their hair lately. Probably because Chris Appleton is both their hairstylist.

Blow Out Bar NYC

Blow Out Bar professionals can fix your makeup and make it look great with your hairstyle. We always check what products hairstylists are using during the blow dry and we were happy to see Sebastian hair care line and Amika that were used for our service!

This is a great hair experience from a true professional, we are happy to discover Blow Out Bar NYC!


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