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Brilliantly Beautiful Hair Styling Products from Balmain

Balmain Styling Gift Pack 2

Sometimes all we want is to be best friends with the Kardashian/Jenner family, at least that way we’d get to mingle with high end fashion designers and literally be best friends with designers working with brands like Alexandra Wang, Givenchy…oh and BALMAIN! No wonder it’s not only their outfits that look amazing but their hair too!

So the gals over at our European MyTopFace offices, were lucky enough to get a huge selection of some of the most luscious, most ‘on trend, and most stylish hair styling products from the Balmain Paris Hair Couture line, they were so excited they literally started using the products the minute they arrived at the front door! Needless to say that the gorgeous ladies at the MyTopFace Office are looking like super models right now! So here’s what they got to try out from the luxurious Balmain range of hair couture styling products.

Balmain Styling Gift Pack #2 the ultimate backstage essentials

Balmain Styling Gift Pack #2

We love to be daring, but we also love to be totally on trend with everything that we possibly can be on trend with! So when we laid our eyes on these absolutely amazing and awesome styling essential product from Balmain…we almost had tears in our eyes – tear of joy ladies, tears of joy! We can promise you, that your hair will never look as perfect and as trendy, as when you have this ultimate pack of styling hair couture products. Balmain Styling Gift Pack #2 comes in a strong, sturdy and magnetically closable box (so glamorous right?!) with all of the following products in side of it.

This gift pack from Balmain is literally the ultimate gift pack to give you endless days and weeks and months of style reinvention. What’s pretty fabulous too, is that the amount of mixing and matching you can do with these styling essentials, means you can have a completely different look, for every day. Oh, and did we mention that our hair hasn’t felt, as soft, moisturized and full of texture since we stepped out of a high end, luxury salon! We love how easy all of these products make it to style and restyle your hairstyle in practically minutes. These Balmain boys definitely know what they’re doing.

One thing we did notice, and as an extra tip, we thought we’d share with you – if your hair is fairly dry and needs some extra moisture and nourishment, apply some of the Pre Styling Cream to the tips and length of your hair before applying any of the other styling products to your hair, and it will literally shine for days.

Moisturizing Care Set

Moisturizing Care Gift Box

As we’ve just mentioned, and as we’re sure is the case with most people who have colored their hair or who treat style their hair with heat often, your hair eventually starts lacking in moisture and needing some extra care, and the daily routine you have with your hair can have a huge impact on how your hair looks and feels. You want to moisturize your hair the same way that you would moisturize your skin, deeply and often, so that you never have a bad hair day, ever again. This is where the complete Balmain Paris Hair Couture Moisturizing Care Line will bring your hair to life, leaving it look luscious and more naturally beautiful than it’s ever looked before!

We fell instantly in love with this highly nourishing collection of moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, and the care mask from Balmain, which is COMPLETELY paraben free, perfect for colored or natural hair, and has been enriched with organic and absolutely pure Argan oil, which we could definitely feel soaking its goodness into our luscious locks instantly! This Moisturizing Care Set will revitalize dry hair and help protect the natural shine and elasticity of your hair, making it easier to manage, softer, silkier, healthier and so much shinier than ever before!

Included in this Care Set are the following Products:

We’ve noticed that putting that extra effort into your daily routine with your hair and how you wash, condition and treat it, makes all the difference in giving you a beautiful lush and healthy hair!

One thing we just cannot get over, and absolutely had to mention about these unbelievably amazing hair care and styling products from Balmain, is their signature scent, which is so boldly and beautifully present in every single product we used! Not only is our hair left feeling and looking like a sexy goddess’s hair, but it smells mysteriously and indulgently feminine! Balmain is by far one of our top, top, top hair care products right now!


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