Bio Ionic Dryer GoldPro

Heat and hair are two things we wish didn’t have to go together. Most days it feels like we are constantly putting our hair through the wringer. There is always a reason for heat. Its blow drying, flat ironing, curling and more that tends to leave our strands less than luxe making it more unruly and damaged. But what can we do about it? As MyTopFace beauty experts, we love a perfectly styled mane more than most and rarely go a day without applying heat in some capacity. This being said we are always left looking for a less invasive way to get the look we want without the damage that normally accompanies heat and specifically at-home quality tools. MTF experts are also constantly on the lookout for an affordable line of hair tools that give our hair the desired product at an affordable price point… because we, like you, would rather spend more of our income on red wine and tacos than hair tools. It’s with this notion (and you) in mind that we tried out a new line of hair tools that gave us a reason for us to say bring on the heat.

Bio Ionic GoldPro Dyer

We have started our quest with the Bio Ionic Dryers. We at MTF got to try two of these hair tools and upon learning more about the brand mission became even more excited to dig in and get our blowout on. These machines have been crafted for hair stylists and promise to be of professional quality but can be used by us novice stylists at home. The Los Angeles-based line has been created by Fernando Romero who is a legacy industry icon with years of experience styling hair for runway shows such as Dior and working on magazine covers. Mr. Romero created Bio Ionic line after discovering the science of harnessing natural negative ions to rehydrate and re-texturize wiry and coarse strands into soft shiny hair without the fuss of lots of different hair tools and products. The negative ions break down water into tiny molecules and these are able to penetrate hair in a more deep and effective way for hydration.  While we only tried the blow dryers there is a full line of hair tools by the brand with the same mission and technology.

Bio Ionic GoldPro Dryer

First, we tried the BioIonic GoldPro Dyer. This tool boasts a 24 karat gold barrel to cut drying time by 50 percent. This promise is one we love as several of our experts have long and thick hair that tends to stay wet for ages, not the most convenient thing for the cold New York mornings we have experienced lately!  After washing, conditioning and using some of our favorite post wash products, we are ready to start styling. Firing up this tool we notice how quiet even the lowest setting is but how much power there is behind it. MTF experts also loved the concentrated nozzle making the airflow more effective and better at eliminating frizz and bringing on that coveted shine. We also notice how light this tool is compared to our previous blow drying tools. The GoldPro feels light in our hands while we style, which makes it easier to control the tool and get a perfect blowout, eliminating the need to use a flat-iron after we finish our blow dry ( the less heat- the better). When styling our hair with the GoldPro we definitely notice that it is not as fast as the box promises (50 percent quicker), but we did feel as though it was slightly faster than our other models that come in at a similar price point.

Overall this tool was a win in our book. While it wasn’t the fastest dryer we have used, it delivered a good blowout without damaging our hair and left our strands feeling strong yet soft to the touch. At a $135 price point available only at Ulta and through Bio Ionic, it’s definitely a great value for the price point.

MTF hack: Remember that no thickness of hair ever requires you to use the top setting for heat on your machines ( this goes for those flat and curling irons too, friends)! Protect those luscious locks and consider your hair texture and thickness before you choose your heat setting. If you have thin hair use the lowest heat, no matter how quickly you need to get ready. Your hair will thank you later!

Bio Ionic 10X Pro UltraLight Speed Dryer

Next, we try the more expensive model from the Bio Ionic Dryer line, the 10x Ultralight Speed Dryer. This model boasts the same Ionic technology as the rest of the line and is infused with natural volcanic rock minerals that promise to keep away those pesky flyaway hairs by polishing the outer cuticle layer. It also promises a ten-minute dry time which struck us as very quick as most of our blowouts take at least 20-30 minutes. It is nearly two hundred dollars more than the GoldPro, and we understood the price difference as soon as we began our first session with the dryer. Our first impression was holy hot! This dryer does have 3 heat settings, low, medium and high, but all are much hotter than your average heat tool. We combatted this by using the cool shot setting towards the ends of our hair as this is the most easily damaged. We felt that this was a sufficient fix for a dryer which might have been a bit too hot otherwise. We do have to say that if you chose to use this model you will get dry and shiny hair very quickly. It kept its promise and had our hair dry in about ten minutes. It’s a beautiful, easy result which mimics that of a professional salon blowout. We do worry about the effect of using such high heat in the long-term and would urge you to use the cool shot setting offered to make sure you protect your hair from heat damage and breakage.

Normally dryers leave our locks dry and a bit lifeless, leaving us to rely heavily on our menagerie of products to add back shine and life. We feel as though the Bio Ionic line will cut down on a lot of these products for our users and would recommend using either of these blow dryers for a quick and easy dry.


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