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Bring Summer Back to Your Hair with Renpure

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Taking care of your hair in the winter cold is of absolute vital importance, but it’s the changing of seasons that many people forget also have a huge effect on our hair, and with winter slowly taking a bow and spring gradually making its way make into our lives, it’s time to think about getting your hair into a state that will be able to endure the climate change form cold to warm, without it getting damaged! So when we found out that Renpure Hair has a wide and very varied range of ridiculously awesome Renpure Hair Care products, we just had to give them a try. What we love most about this family run Hair Care company is that they have really made it their mission to provide their clients with affordable, yet high end Shampoos and Conditioners, made from some of the most luscious ingredients that have honestly left our hair feeling fabulous!

We got to try out 3 of their ranges, and have fallen in love with all three of them! Head over to their site and see which ones you love. Our favourite is the Moroccan Spring Water Collection! We’re cray in love with these shampoos’ and conditioners’ – it honestly feels like we’ve managed to bring summer back into our offices with, with everyone walking around with lush and voluminous, summer smelling, hair!

Moroccan Spring Water Shampoo

renpure moroccan spring water conditioner

This Moroccan Spring Water Shampoo has luscious extracts from Moroccan teas that really smell divine, and the antioxidants which are promised to be present in this shampoo have quite a powerful effect on your hair, making it feel like it’s been fed with a high protein blend of nutrition! You’ll love this shampoo if your hair needs some revitalizing lift and boost, and will help lock in and seal the fibers in your hair, especially if you have damaged hair. Your hair is guaranteed to look healthy and uber hydrated after using this shampoo only once!

Moroccan Spring Water Conditioner

renpure moroccan spring water conditioner

If you’re trying out the shampoo from this range you absolutely must get the Moroccan Spring Water Conditioner, and even more so if your hair is lacking in hydration and needs a kick in the butt when it comes to the level of dryness it contains. This conditioner felt super rich on our hair, yet didn’t leave it feeling oily, instead we walked out of the bathroom with flawlessly shiny and smooth locks, most likely due to the extra added Argan oil and vitamin e that Renpure have included in this conditioner.

Bamboo Coconut Water Shampoo


If you’re heading to the beach this summer, now is the time to start getting your hair beach ready, and what better way than with a Bamboo Coconut Water Shampoo, the scents from this Renpure shampoo alone, will have you daydreaming of white sands and blue seas. Not only is your hair going to smell like a tropical paradise, but it will be strengthened and repaired, making your hair feel energized and revitalized, giving you a full bodied look, yet it feels surprisingly light and weightless. Perfect really.

Bamboo Coconut Water Conditioner

renpure bamboo

Of course, if you’re going for the Bamboo Shampoo you totally need to get the Bamboo Coconut Water Conditioner, which has been formulated with a gorgeous blend of bamboo oil and coconut water – you really don’t get much more nutrition than that! Talk about lush, lush, LUSH hair! Your hair will feel and look super moisturized.

Brazilian Keratin Straightening Shampoo

renpure brazilian keratin

The girls of Brazil have some very luscious locks, don’t you all agree? Well, we were quite excited to try out the Brazilian Keratin Straightening Shampoo, and boy were we impressed! True to what it promises this gorgeously blended shampoo combines coconut oil which helps your hair stay healthy and reduces it from breaking when you’re washing it, which very often happens. The fact that this Brazilian influenced shampoo also has keratin in it means that any damaged hair you have, will quickly be repaired and go back to its original state, restoring strength.

Brazilian Keratin Straightening Conditioner

renpure brazilian-keratin

It goes without saying that absolutely must get this Brazilian Keratin Straightening Conditioner, especially if you’re also getting the shampoo. The hydrating keratin which has been jam packed into this conditioner is loaded with protein, as well as all the right amino acids, which will aid in repairing you damaged hair and restoring the strength in it. We love that this conditioner also acts as a protector from UV rays, as well as all those hot iron and hairdryers that you use, leaving your hair looking silky and smooth!

Sweet Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner

renpure cleansing-conditioner

This was a fun find! Did you know that most of the damage you cause to your hair is when you’re washing it, by rubbing your hair, it causes the damaged areas to crack and tear even more than they already are? So, the guys and gals at Renpure have formulated a Cleansing Conditioner, which really is quite a miracle conditioner, as it literally melts into your hair and removes the dirt and impurities while also giving it back its strength. We could feel and see how gorgeous and silky and soft our hair looked and felt after using this Sweet Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner! This one is a winner.


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