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Brooklyn Botany Body Scrubs

Brooklyn Botany Body Scrub

Summer is just a few days away and it’s time to get bright citrusy. Many of us already visited the beach, some just plan to do it next week, and others don’t need to be by the water to tan, but we all need to get our skin ready!

Our friends from Brooklyn Botany has provided us with three brand new products they have just released for this summer: Watermelon Body Scrub, Sweet Orange Body Scrub, Matcha Green Tea Body Scrub.

Whether you are planning to get artificial tanning at the spa or plan to go to the beach exfoliating skin beforehand will help to clean off the dull skin and prepare the surface for the process. This process is similar to sanding canvas for the paint to stick better, stay longer, and provide better results.

Watermelon Body Scrub is the most hydrating and refreshing scrub by Brooklyn Botany. The scrub consists of Aminorich watermelon extract that hydrates and smoothes the skin, which is a very important part of the exfoliating process – you don’t want to dry your skin before exposing to the sun. The Vitamins C and E work as a powerful antioxidant and rich in its moisturizing properties. The watermelon scrub helps not only to exfoliate but also to protect the skin from free radicals and takes care of aging signs as fine lines.

Watermelon Body Scrub

Sweet Orange Body Scrub – is a bright yellow scrub, such a lovely color, it makes you happy just by looking at it! The scrub has Sweet Orange Essential oil that is proven to uplift mood and lower high blood pressure, also used as a sedative and to relax the cramped muscles. It has such a great citrusy smell! Sweet Orange Body Scrub is great for dry skin, and a nice way to exfoliate, hydrate, and relax your body.

Sweet Orange Body Scrub

Matcha Green Tea Body Scrub is a great product for irritated skin as well as for skin with imperfections. The scrub made with green tea leaves and packed with powerful antioxidants that protect and neutralize free radicals. Matcha powder is rich in anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that help to protect skin and reduce redness. The peppermint oil keeps skin cool and fresh. Additionally, matcha powder not only helps to exfoliate but also improve skin complexity and texture, reduce the production of oil, and minimize pores.

Matcha Green Tea Body Scrub

Our experts reported that all scrubs are great products and all you have to do is to choose your favorite flavor, or get all of them, as we did! They all look so great that you want to take a spoon and eat it from the jar like ice cream! The Sweet Orange Body Scrub has the most amazing smell, though, it’s only if you’re into citrus stuff and in love with yellow color like we are!

The Brooklyn Botany Scrub collection also has three more delicious scrub ‘flavors’ that we looking forward to reviewing for you in one of our next article: Brown Sugar Scrub, Arabica Coffee Scrub, and Himalayan Salt Scrub.


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