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Great Ideas for Brown Eyes Makeup

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes Makeup
They say that females with brown eyes find it easy to mix and match almost any of the colors in the color wheel. This is actually true since brown is a neutral color it can look good in any sort of colors when it comes to makeup. The only thing that most brown eyed females would be asking is the combination of the makeup that should be used.

Tips and Tricks

There is lots of beautiful brown eye makeup that one can try if she is experimenting with different looks. Don’t worry for all kinds of looks will surely look good on people with brown eyes. By knowing the fanciest looks, one won’t be struggling when it comes to choosing the right brown eyes makeup for any occasion.

Metallic Tones. Brown eyes look very good compared to other eye colors. To further enhance this why not go for the metallic look by trying out bronze, brown, gold, and pink? These colors will surely make one’s eyes stand out creating a dramatic look.

Neutral Colors. In case one prefers to have a more natural look, then go straight for neutral colors. The colors like peaches, taupes, and also browns are some of the neutral colors that will surely look good on brown eyes. The great thing about this neutral color is that one won’t have to use eyeliners because this still looks good without it.

Shimmer. This kind of makeup looks good on all eye colors. Of course, it looks best with brown eyes makeup. This is why females with brown eyes are often the luckiest when it comes to makeups. One can add shimmer to the eye shadow to create a popping effect on the eyes. Of course, more females would prefer this look because it simply looks gorgeous.

Concealer. If one wants to make her eyes pop, but has dark circles around the eyes she can go for concealers. This will help highlight the eyes by hiding the dark spots. Use concealer right before putting on makeup.

White Liner. Most people think that white eyeliner is a pretty bad idea. But not anymore, because this liner will surely look great pairing with the metallic tones. This will help emphasize the brown eyes that you have. The great thing about this look is that not all people are bold enough to try it that is why not all realize that it looks really good.

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes
Purple Liner. Along all the colors that look good on brown eyes makeup, purple is one of them. Don’t be afraid to replace one’s black or brown liner using a dark shade of purple. By simply doing this trick, one can immediately notice the big difference of making the eyes pop. This trick has been used for so long, but not everybody knows it yet.

Color. When it comes to brown eyes, there are still shades which most colors will look best with. The secret to getting the right colors to use is to determine the shade of brown one’s eye color is.



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