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Celebrity Beauty Makeup Tricks

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Celebrities are starting to share their makeup and beauty routines like we’ve never seen before, with new products and collaborations between celebs and high profile beauty companies, we’ve been lucky enough to see what some of the celebs out there do, in order to get their perfectly put together makeup looks, from Adele’s Iconic Winger eyeliner makeup tricks to makeup ideas on how to get Cara’s plentiful and bushy brow, we’ve got you covered on some of the hottest makeup tricks from celebs who just love to share their thought-out makeup ideas with the rest of us normal people.

Adele’s Sultry Winged Eyeliner

Hello….it’s me – what an unbelievable return to the industry from Adele with her single Hello, and her album 25, being released just in time for the holiday season. Although it was the flawless and epic make up that Adele had done for her video that had us drooling! Those perfectly winged eyeliner lines that she does….to die for, and so on part with the winter eyeliner trend! I found one of the BEST Adele makeup tutorials out there right now, there are hundreds though, but this transformation is just my favourite, and fairly simple to pull off. Enjoy. You’re welcome!

Cara’s Lush and Bushy Brows


Cara is definitely the biggest brow ambassador of the beauty world this year, that girl has the bushiest and sexiest eyebrows we’ve every laid our eyes on! So we did some ‘investigating’ to see how she gets them looking so perfectly bushy and fluffy, one of her makeup tricks having nothing to do with makeup though, and entirely based on the fact that she has never really plucked her brows, except for sculpting them in shape a little and trimming them. Cara has a ‘little best friend’ though when it comes to keeping her brows looking as perfect as they are. NYX’s Eyebrow Gel is literally one of our favourite products here at MyTopFace this season. It’s the ultimate eyebrow filler and should definitely be a staple piece of makeup in your vanity bag, especially since its only $7. It will make your brows look bold, and ever-so-chic, essentially this is a spreadable ink, and at first can seem like a set up for disaster, but surprising this brow gel was very simple and easy to use.

The Red Taylor Swift Lip


Taylor Swift is everyone’s best friend, and I’m sure she’d be happy to be ours too, if she knew how much we loved her signature red lip! Swift is the kind of girl that you need to look twice when she’s not wearing red lippy, because let’s be honest, she’s always got her red lips flashing her friendly smile to the world. She recently revealed what her favourite and go-to lipstick is in her makeup tricks bag, and it’s a totally affordable and epic lipstick called Ruby Woo from the MAC collection. Oh, good girl, we love MAC too! You see, best friends already.

Kylie Jenner’s Cleansing Routine


Let’s be honest, Jenner has some of the cleanest and flawless looking skin when she has no makeup on, sure it may be the fact that she still has the skin of an 18 year old, but it’s probably because of the amount of time and energy that she puts into keeping her skin, clean, healthy and glowy when she’s going makeup free. Kylie believes that having less in your bathroom is more, especially when it comes to make up removers and daily facial cleansers, recently mentioning that she’s only ever used this one ‘trusty’ daily facial cleanser, Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, $6.99, drugstore.com and has always stuck with it, because why would you want to change things up when you already have a perfectly consistent cleanser in your bathroom cabinet.



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