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Chic Talk With Amy From CHICSTUDIOS School Of Makeup

chicstudios makeup school nyc la

Chicstudios makeup school nyc

Learning has now evolved into skills being able to be taught by watching YouTube videos. You can learn how to wing your eyeliner, a quick cut crease, over-lined lips, contouring, and so much more. Although you can practically teach yourself everything you want to, nothing beats actual hands-on experience.

Hands-on experience is so much more valuable in the sense that you can fully grasp a concept by seeing, experiencing, learning, and asking questions rather than what a short clip can offer. Watching Youtube videos are perfect when looking for tips and reviews, but it is no school.

A top Makeup School in NYC that has exceeded all levels of professionalism and experience is CHICSTUDIOS NYC School Of Makeup.

Mytopface: We here at Mytopface personally thought collaborating with you was the best choice as you are the top national Makeup Artistry School with locations in New York and Los Angeles. Please first share with us what kick-started your interest in the beauty field.

Amy: Thank you! I truly take pride in the business that CHICSTUDIOS is, and stands for. While my career as a professional artist came from my love for beauty and makeup, it developed into obtaining my school after remembering my searches for schools, being the lack there of. I was looking for a top makeup school that delivered everything they claimed to, such as great makeup kits, an incredible brush, after-care to seek work, career guidance, and the list went on.

There was not a single school out there that did just that, so I started a business that offers everything I was looking for, and I named it CHICSTUDIOS! Along with the many great offerings at CHICSTUDIOS, we love to offer individuals the opportunity of being able to be apart of the beauty industry and knowing the trends in order to stay inspired, so that is where the collaborating with Mytopface came to life.

Mytopface: As a makeup artist yourself, where were you able to learn everything you know?

Amy: My knowledge has been gathered from so many various places and people, not one source alone. I have taken many advanced makeup courses and workshops in bridal, fashion, and beauty makeup. I went to college to dive into the business of marketing and management, also working alongside of some of the best leaders in the beauty business.

Mytopface: What sparked your decision to start up an Artistry School?

Amy: The decision for CHICSTUDIOS as a school came when I first moved to New York City from Los Angeles, in 2009. I felt like starting over again was not really what I wanted to do so I decided to revisit a curriculum I had written for friends of mine who were models and actresses, and wanted to become makeup artists, too. So now, new city, new venture. I didn’t look around to see which schools were out there, although I did recall looking years ago, when I was taking advanced training, remembering being limited to schools who offered beauty makeup courses. Therefore CHICSTUDIOS started in March of 2009!

Mytopface: As compared to the typical style of teaching, what different or unique approaches do you use when teaching students? What techniques do you use to make students learn better and achieve a higher level of skill sets?

Amy Nicole Chicstudios makeup school

Amy: We teach students at various levels of skill. Some will have little knowledge of makeup, how to use a brush, or what color theory means, and others are masters in their own right. The curriculum is designed to teach at every level of skill, by providing materials to read and review, then seeing live demonstrations, and then applying it. Wait, that’s not all, then we review it all. Reviewing is designed to capture the analytical and the creative learn!

chicstudios school of makeup new york

Mytopface: A number of students that completed CHIC school went on to work with celebrities and some even became celebrities themselves, being impressive and really cool to say the least. What type of magic are you using?

Amy: At CHICSTUDIOS we believe in putting our students first, which allows them to become incredible graduates, also known as Professional Makeup Artists. Our students and graduates have the confidence to get out into the beauty industry and follow their dreams. Upon graduating one becomes apart of the ‘CHICPro Community,’ which is our after-care program. This program includes posting jobs, hiring fairs, networking events, and more! Graduates of CHIC have worked with some of the worlds top designers, biggest global brands, created looks for New York Fashion Week, and have built celebrity clientele.

Mytopface: You offer a variety of unique and informative classes, which ones are most popular, and why?

Amy: We offer several courses, some being a few days, some being up to 5 weeks, which is 132 hours. All of our courses can be taken ‘a la carte,’ (meaning individually or customized). All of our courses include a makeup kit, full brush set, and a skin care set.

We are most known for our 4-week Professional Makeup Artistry Course, which is a total of 100 hours at a cost $3,624.00.

The other courses we offer:

Mytopface: CHIC Studios holds a number of free workshops each month. What happens during each workshop?

Amy: We offer free Workshops twice a month. They are events for aspiring artists, pro makeup artists, and even someone who wants to come check the school out. We offer live makeup demos, complimentary gifts, drinks. and snacks. We are completely open to all Q+A about our courses, who we are, our staff, and so on. They are fun events, free of charge!

Mytopface: Do you yourself provide the kits for each course? If not, who does?

makeup school new york chicstudios

Amy: CHICSTUDIOS prides itself on being all-inclusive, meaning we include the kit, materials, and brush sets. We offer a well-rounded makeup kit, with all the products needed for in-class and professional makeup applications. We include various top-brands such as Mac Cosmetics, Billion Dollar Brows, Cinema Secrets, Graftobian, Real Techniques, and more. In the classroom we have Chanel, Inglot, Bobbi Brown, Kevyn Aucoin, Laura Mercier, and more.

Mytopface: Your instructors present themselves very professionally while being cool and down to earth. Do you require your instructors to have any special qualifications or training in order to be apart of your team? If so, please elaborate. We would like to know how you ended up with such an awesome team!

Amy: We do require that all instructors have at least 7 years of professional makeup experience. We require that they are looped into the beauty industry and have incredible manner and strong teaching capabilities.


best makeup school nyc

Getting to hear directly from the President and Creative Director of this Makeup School was very informative, interesting, and inspiring. The beauty industry changes everyday, and hearing from people who impact some of those changes is amazing in itself. We are excited for what Amy has given back to the beauty industry, the people determined to learn, and what more she has in store.

For just a slight taste on what CHICSTUDIOS is really all about, check out Sugar Skull Makeup Video Tutorial with helpful step-by-step directions.


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