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Choose Your Flavor with Alainn Lip Balm

Alainn Strawberry Lip Balm

Strawberry dream, mango sorbet, lemon zest , pineapple…sounds like delicious dessert, but here at MyTopFace we have just discovered the newest (and tastiest) lip balms! Alainn Lip Balms have quickly become one of our new favorite must haves. These all natural lip balms are not like other brands. They saturate and keep your lips moisturized without feeling greasy. Unlike some healthy lip products that can feel chalky when applied, these glide on super smooth and stay that way.

Small and lightweight, Alainn lip balms are perfect for an on the go lifestyle. You can throw one in your purse, gym or diaper bag and be ready for the perfect dewy pout at any moment.
Alainn Mango Sorbet Lip Balm

And if you are trying to avoid some of the chemicals that are in almost everything, this is perfect! Skincare is complex and often needs help from science. But for something you are putting on your lips, it’s good to be extra picky and cautious and turn to an all natural product like Alainn lip balm.

The balms are nice and wet, without being gooey or messy. The ingredients include coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil. And Alainn uses candelilla wax as opposed to beeswax, which is in many other brands’ lip balms. That makes this suitable for any vegans to use. And also great for anyone with an allergy to bees and honey. Total win!

It’s a good thing the listed ingredients on Alainn lip balms are natural and safe, since you will find yourself licking your tasty lips all day and night!

Alainn Lip BalmDon’t forget as we head into cooler months our lips need extra attention and any flavor in the Alainn line is the perfect lip balm to keep next to your bed in the night stand. It can be the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you put on before sleep. Just remember, MyTopFace warned you, that this lip balm may cause you to have dreams of sweet treats.

MyTopFace Hack: Lip balms can be used as cuticle moisturizers too!

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