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Nestled in the burgeoning East Village is the brand new busy gal salon City Glow. Opening 1.5 months ago, City Glow is the cities latest addition to our city that’s innovating how you’ll think about beauty. Often as New Yorkers our time is limited, we have work, fitness, friends, family and trying to work a social life in at some point…. this can often feel hectic and leaves us unable to take time to ourselves to make us feel beautiful. With self-care and important piece of the human puzzle, enters City Glow, your one-stop shop for a beauty overhaul.

These salon owners, Svetlana and Anastasia are of the belief that prevention is the best possible combatant to signs of aging and they have built their new business upon that. In line with that message is their belief that time is the most precious thing you have, one must use it wisely, thus was born a concept for City Glow.

Svetlana comes from a background in cosmetic surgery, working in an NYC med spa for many years. She would frequently see women come in for procedures too late, they had not been taking care of their skin all these years and no matter how hard they would try- they wouldn’t get the results they were looking for. After seeing this time and time again she became passionate about preventing early signs of aging.

city glow salon east village

Svetlana says, “We personally, were suffering from acne for many years, and we know how you lose a self-confidence with bad skin. We saw so many women who came to a Doctor and would to plastic surgery or fillers. They were never satisfied with it simply because of their skin color and pigmentation. That why we see so many overdone women in our society today. If the skin is ruined nothing looks good on it.

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Our spa is a new lifestyle for busy women. Who don’t really have time for make-up, who really want to look their best in any age, who love themselves and realize that beautiful soul needs to have a beautiful body? Simple facial once a month will treat your skin, you will forget about the foundation and you will preserve your beauty for a long time.” Her partner, Anastasia, had a similar story. Moving to New York from New Orleans, she had seen women unhappy with their appearance and wanted to help them make the best out of their lives. They are both top professionals in the field!

Because of their background, their service offerings from facials, waxes, lashes and of course spray tans making them a one-stop shop for a natural no makeup glow. We were lucky enough to try several of the service offerings here and are excited to give you a sneak peek into the life of a City Glow Gal!

Upon arriving at the city Glow salon, we were warmly welcomed by owners Svetlana and Anastasia which was a pleasant gesture. Both ladies are extremely hands-on in their business, meaning you will get the best service by the pros when you visit.

Speaking to Svetlana she let me know that each last appointment starts with a mini cleansing facial using their top of the life Israeli skincare line. “I want to explain to every person that it is important and it should not cost much to take amazing care of yourself. My goal in life is for you to remember me in 10, 15 years when you have a beautifully even skin.” Says Svetlana. This was deeply relaxing and our skin felt fresh and dewy upon completion of our facial. She completed a light peel leaving our skin renewed and fresh. Then a face mask is applied for the duration of your “lash nap” as they call it!

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We then moved on to our lashes which were applied by Anastasia. She has such a gentle hand we barely noticed her working on our lashes for a few hours. At the end of our time at City Glow, we left with plush and natural looking lashes. It’s important to note that the lashes used by City Glow are very different from the lashes we have worked with in the past. In the words of Anastasia, “Xtreme Lashes products are developed to the highest standards of safety. They are light and have hundreds of lengths, thicknesses, lash curvatures. We would never put heavy lashes if your own is not strong enough because you don’t want to damage your lashes or make your eyes smaller.”

eyelash extensions

We could feel the difference with the extreme lashes brand. They are a lighter more subtitle lash. Anastasia also remarks, “Eyelash extensions it is convenient and beautiful and you don’t need mascara anymore. No dark circles from mascara.  You can live an active life without caring how your makeup looks, saving you time! With our quality, you will feel that you were born with them. You can change the look every month different, natural, glam, cat eyes and more”

xtreme lashes

Next, we are off to get a spray tan. Our MyTopFace beauty expert has never experienced this before so this is exciting! After using their natural sugar-based spray tan, our body was glowing and our tan stayed perfect for days to come! They use Norvell products which are regarded as the best in business and is formulated with a skin firming blend.  For days after our visit friend and coworkers were asking where we went on vacation!! We are wishing that this could last longer than a week!!

Overall, we would highly recommend a visit to City Glow! Both women are amazing and will take fabulous care of you and your skin. The environment is so friendly each client is treated as a friend and the salon reflects that. It’s a comfortable environment for you to get glam and enjoy yourself!


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