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CLE Cosmetics creates a miraculous CCC cream and Oxygen Foam Cleanser

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Ladies, a miracle in BB cream has surfaced! No more walking up and down the beauty aisle staring at the vast variety of creams. Now you can use just one product: CLE Cosmetics have created a CCC Cream. A multi-functional BB and CC cream. You can wear it alone or under your foundation to create a flawless radiant glow. My Top Face expert was astonished by the results from opening the product to wearing it all day to find out the benefits to share with you! Not only has CLE impressed My Top Face expert with the CCC cream, CLE also went beyond expectations with the Oxygen Foaming Cleanser. How many times have you rubbed your face raw at the end of the day to achieve a clarity? The Oxygen Foam Cleanser bubbles to reduce oils on your face and add in oxygen. Oxygen helps to produce collagen and elastin which in turn keeps your skin firm, and youthful.  CLE CCC Cream

CCC stands for Color, Control and Change. This sounds wonderful. With five different shades to pick from you are sure to find the perfect color. Simply apply a thin layer over your face and you will see the color blend flawlessly into your skin. Micro Capsule Technology provides the skin with a moisturized refreshed feeling. Broad Spectrum SPF45 is added so that you can wear the CCC cream freely on a fun beach day under the summer sun without worrying about a sunburn. The price point is accurate for the benefits you are receiving from the CCC cream. My top Face expert saw many user reviews that were happy to report the flawless radiant skin that they have seen after applying the CCC cream. So exciting to find a CCC cream that exceeds expectations! CLE CCC CreamCLE CCC Cream: Broad Spectrum SPF45

My Top Face expert first noticed the clean white packaging that CLE uses for their products. This is appealing to the eye as it is simple to throw into your purse and apply throughout the day. Simplicity is a focus for all of CLE’s products which shows in their products. CLE uses seven unique ingredients in all of their products: bamboo extract, coconut, blueberry fruit extract, natto gum, niacinamide, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid and snow lotus flower. Each one of these has a specific purpose to give you the perfect radiant complexion.  CLE CCC Cream Package

After a long day it is essential to have a cleanser that removes all the makeup and dirt from your face. CLE created the Oxygen Foam Cleanser to make your life easier. It is an all in one deep cleansing system that self-bubbles. Simply apply to dry skin and allow to bubble then rinse with warm water. No scrubbing or harsh effects. Your skin will be left nourished and well-balanced. CLE Oxygen Foam Cleanser

After testing: CLE CCC cream and the Oxygen Foaming Cleanser, My Top Face expert is excited to share the wonderful results. Both products are miraculous and definitely do their job. Whether you need a thin foundation or you want a radiant base under your makeup the CCC cream is a great addition. The Oxygen Foaming Cleanser is a must-have for anyone’s daily routine as it is gentle and cleansing.


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