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Clear Your Skin and Cater To Your Hair With Celavi

Celavi Face Mask

Celavi Face Mask

Caring for your skin is something everyone owes to themselves. Your skin is your largest organ, and one that requires the most attention. Whether it is your face, your arms, or your legs, nourishing and catering to your skin is a must. If your skin is not cared for your skin will start to show you in ways you would not like such as blemishes, dry patches, roughness, and more. Aficionados globally have used Celavi Face Masks and are just as pleased as we are. Each Mask is an individually soaked paper that targets skin issues like tone, hydration, and firmness.

Celavi is a brand dedicated to providing the best products for your skin. Each Sheet is made special for all skin types. The:

  • Cucumber Mask soothes and softens skin
  • Pomegranate Mask brightens and enhances skin
  • Honey Mask cleanses and moisturizes skin
  • Avocado Mask regenerates skin
  • Tea Tree Mask refreshes skin
  • Charcoal Mask purifies and refines skin

Our Mytopface Experts had the pleasure of sulking in some skin therapy with six different face masks. The Avocado Face Mask regenerated the unhealthy skin of our faces, making our skin feel as new as ever. The Charcoal Face Mask stuck and molded to our face, decontaminating every unwanted particle that sat on our faces. The Cucumber Mask, one of our favorites, had our skin feeling baby smooth.

The Honey Face Mask moisturized our faces to the point of complete and total rejuvenation. The Pomegranate Face Mask, another one of our favorites, over time rid of our dark circles and spots. The Tea Tree Face Mask opened every single one of our pores, cleansing and refreshing our face to the fullest.

Each package contains one Sheet, which is perfect for one individual. Enough of the DIY face masks and get yourself the real deal. Putting sliced cucumbers over your eyes and spreading mashed avocado across your face like butter is so overrated. Leave the food for eating, and use these magical Face Masks. The faces of our experts are now baby smooth, blemish free, and free of all dark spots.

Celavi 3D Bomb Brush

While your skin is glowing bright, your hair can always use extra styling attention. Celavi has a 3D Bomb Brush that:

·         Is a spherical shape to create volume and stylish curls.
·         Has a hollow design for faster drying and styling with hair dryer
·         Is a unique comb design can also be used to massage scalp

Celavi 3D Bomb Brush

Trust us this Bomb Brush is bomb! It’s spherical shape leaves not one strand behind. To make your hair dry and curl to perfection, the instructions are simple. All that has to be done is:

  1. Wash the hair
  2. Twist the hair around in the direction you want to curl and blow dry.
  3. Gently pull the brush out.
  4. Repeat this all throughout your hair.

Celavi’s Round Rainbow Detangling Brush is another bomb Brush to add to your collection. Aside from the super colorful colors, this Brush:

  • Has a unique S-Curled brush teeth design for easy and gentle detangling of hair
  • Can be applied to any hair type
  • Is heat and blow dry friendly
  • Is anti-static
  • Is lightweight

Celavi Round Detangling Brush

Celavi has the it products to make your appearance more appealing, your skin on ten, and your hair on a thousand. If you want some more mask secrets of ours, especially how to clean your skin right before laying down a fresh face mask, check out what we had to say about switching your skin care routine according to the seasons. Different weather causes different skin reactions. We know first hand what that is like, and a Professional Facial at Home from Trophy Skin does just the trick.

The RejuvadermMD and Blue Light System helps deeply clean skin before applying sheet masks in the summer time. For the winter time you can prepare your skin for a sheet mask with the Perfect Image Skincare and Face Peel Range. With these two resourceful articles you can learn our secrets on how to properly prepare your skin for a sheet mask within the two seasons of summer and winter. Achieve your skin glow goals effortlessly with all products and tools mentioned above!


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