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Croon Microfiber Wipes

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At MyTopFace we care a lot about our planet and we always try to find ways on how to keep ourselves beautiful with a minimum or preferably no impact for the environment.

We have found Croon – is a colorful, round, stylish as well as safe and reusable, way to take your makeup off, and take care of the environment.

Most of us are using wet wipes to wash-off makeup and cleanse our skin, but have you ever thought what impact does it leave on Earth? Even though wipes are made of cotton, paper or even recycled materials, for most of them it still takes over 100 years to fully dissolve. Every day people use thousands of tons of waste just to wash our faces.

croon microfiber wipes

The idea of Croon was born together with Scarlet, whose parents started to check what is written on the label and ensuring their daughter is free from dangerous products and ingredients that are hidden behind beautiful designs. While seeing that the world is full of wrong and dangerous things the family realized how big is the bad impact all this waste does to our planet and decided to take part in improving the situation by creating Croon.

Croon is a makeup remover and face cleanser made from unique wedge-shaped fibers that effectively trap bacteria with just water. To clean Croon wipes you just need to wash it like you would your favorite t-shirt: add soap and warm water or drop it in your washing machine. Each Croon can be used for about 200 times!

Croon wipes have received a 5-star rating from Dermatest – a leading European dermatological research institute, confirming it’s safe and effective! With Croon you don’t need to use any chemicals to cleanse, you just need to add a little water.


After using Croon for two weeks you could also see a positive effect on your skin such as smaller pores, more evenness, and overall improvement.

Croon wipes have an awesome concept, which we think, other brands can take into consideration. Treat your wipes like a piece of clothing – wash it after use as you would with your t-shirt or socks. Croon collects all bacteria from your skin and traps them inside. The washing process is fast and easy and you can hand-wash right after using!

The wipes are hand-made in Austria using the unique certified technique. The microfibers are made to be gentle and soft and could be used on very sensitive skin, skin with acne or eczema problems without leaving irritation.

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MyTopFace expert reported – ‘Croon is a simple yet very effective way to take off your makeup and deeply cleanse your face without using any chemicals or tons of wet wipes. I have very sensitive skin and put on makeup just for the sake of the test – surprisingly Croon worked extremely well and I didn’t feel any friction on my skin at all. It didn’t even leave my skin pink as it usually gets after some wet wipes. I am truly amazed by the simplicity of the approach and its effectiveness. Croon is also a very wise solution – one wipe could last you for over 6 months, one wet wipe will last you less than a minute.’

We love Croon!

Special thanks to WET Swimwear for providing MyTopFace with Meryl for our photoshoot. Croon and Wet Swimwear are perfect summer combo for your weekend getaway.


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