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Cynthia Rowland’s Revolutionary Facial Magic Exercises!

Cynthia Rowland facial exercise

We live in a world where women are very obsessed with beauty and their age, and how age can leave their skin, face, neck – their entire bodies really – looking older than it actually is. We all know that you can be 60 and have the body of a 30-year-old if you really want to though, right? All it takes is hours of commitment at the gym and healthy and nutritional eating, and of course drinking loads of water. However, when you talk to any women about how they can get their face to look younger, what is the one thing that 90% of people would say? Plastic surgery, Facelifts, Botox, Fillers – the list goes on, but is this really the only answer out there? Is that the only solution to having a younger, firmer and more youthful looking face and skin? Well, up until now, we thought so, but then we met Cynthia Rowland!

Cynthia RowlandWhat an amazing, inspirational and very gorgeous women, who in our opinion is revolutionising the way that women can TAKE CONTROL of the aging process, literally in their own hands and make themselves look, more youthful with firmer, tighter and younger looking skin, and you want to know what the best part is? You can achieve a younger looking skin, with no surgery, no injections, no funky, weird creams with parabens and chemicals! Sounds too good to be true right? Well that is exactly what we thought! So we set up an online, face-to-face video chat with the revolutionist Facial Magic queen herself Cynthia Rowland, and here’s what she had to say!

Cynthia Rowland sent us over her Facial Magic Exercise Kit as well as her Luscious Lips Kit, which we are so excited about and are already seeing results.

MyTopFace: What is the importance of learning these Facial Magic Exercises?

Cynthia: It is indeed a most important thing to learn the Facial Magic Programme, because once you learn the programme, it’s yours forever, and that means no matter if you’re 25, or 25 or even 55 or older, once you start this process of facial rehabilitation, you will have this technology forever. You won’t have to buy anything more. I want every woman on the planet to understand that they can save their face, without giving their power away, in any format, injections or surgery or tomography.

MyTopFace: When we did some research in the Facial Magic Exercises, we found that this was aimed at all ages, and in a way it makes sense that you would want to start Facial Magic at a young age, so that when we reach an older age, we still look young. You look amazing, and if we had to guess your age – you look like you’re in your 30’s!

Cynthia: Thank you – I am 67 years old, and I have been doing this exercise for 25 years, and the reason I was so interested in starting it, was because when I started, my left eyelid, sat on my eyelash, and it was so dismal, because it made me look old and tired, but I wasn’t old and tired, but that very feature made such a big difference. We need to be very proactive with our skin and with our facial muscles.

MyTopFace: Many young women who reach the age of 25, start feel quite panicked, as if 25 is the age where things start to sag and droop and head south. Would 25 be the prime time to start doing these exercises?

Cynthia: You need to be very proactive with your face, and it’s the perfect time. You’re never too old, and really, as long as you’re over 25 years of age, that when we see, that little shifts begin to occur in our neck and in our face. So if we start now, just think what the next 20 years will look luike. You’ll look like that teenage face again. At the age of 25, this is when the wrinkles between the eyes begin to be apparent, and that is a very tell-tale, and very clear indication or signal, that there is some softening happening on your forehead. In our Facial magic exercises, we address 15 regions of the face and neck. Would you believe there are 55 muscles in your face? And they all need exercise if you want to maintain a youthful appearance.

Cynthia Rowland face exercise

MyTopFace: It makes sense that you would exercise your facial muscles, just as you would exercise your body if you felt like it needed some tone and firming up right, however we don’t think many people realize this, and that why so many women and men opt to go for the Botox, Face lift and Surgery route.

Cynthia: Yes, and you know some women start along the path of wanting to do a facial exercise programme, but they get introduced to a facial exercise which includes contortions and twists and funny faces – that’s not Facial Exercise! The way we teach our exercise program, is so vastly different from anybody else. You only learn 2 exercises each week, and perform those two exercises 6 days in a row, you take a day off for a break, you add two new exercises, and then you’re doing 4 exercises each week, add two more. So that we’re very methodically and systematically building the muscles of the face, BECAUSE the skin is attached directly to the muscle, so if you’re lifting the muscle, you’re lifting the skin! Also, the big secret, is the white exercise gloves, and we teach you to go inside the mouth, anchor the end of the muscle, create the contraction and it lifts up and back into the hairline.

MyTopFace: Well, it is clearly working, because we just cannot stop staring at how gorgeously smooth and frim your face is. You definitely do not look your age!

Cynthia: It’s very flattering to know that you look so radiant and so youthful, that’s a very flattering aspect, and that ‘glow’ that I always have is because the exercise produces originated blood throughout your face and neck, and yes there is a glow about every Facial Magic user.

MyTopFace: Tell us a little bit more about the Facial Magic Kit that we received and that our readers can purchase here 

Cynthia: Well this kit that you receive, not only do you get a DVD that explains and shows you how to execute each exercise, you also get the voice CD, so that you can slip it right into your CD player, walk into your bathroom with it, and there it’s like you have me standing right next you, guiding you in what direction to go with your exercises. By watching the DVD, you’ll already know what’s expected, so the CD is just a guideline for you to follow if you don’t have time to watch the DVD every day. If you travel, you also have the Facial Magic Booklet, which you can take with you anywhere, because in your booklet, you have your exercise charm so you track where you are with your exercises on a daily basis. Plus, the exercises are in written form in your booklet, so all you have to do is take your booklet and your gloves, throw them into your suitcase and you’re good to travel. Oh and wait until you try the Daily Lift, it is a Gel Mask, and is our best selling product, and we give you two jars of it with the kit, and it fabulous.

Facial Magic Cynthia Rowland

MyTopFace: Let’s talk Lips! We loved the Lip Pump and the Lip cream that came with it is just so lusciously divine, the smell of it is to die for. Many women nowadays, both young and old are wanting fuller and poutier lips. Older women because their lips tend to thin out with age, and younger women because every girl wants to have lips like Kylie Jenner. So we were quite excited to see that there actually is a natural and more organic way of getting Kylie Jenner lips! Tell us more

Cynthia: It is every exciting to know that you have control over the aging process, and you don’t have to go spending thousands of dollars to have procedures done over and over again. In the facial magic programme, we have an actual exercise that focuses on the upper lip area and concentrates the energy throughout the upper lip, but also the cupids bow, because so many women loose the fullness of their lips and their cupids bow. This exercise combined with the pump will be so beneficial to women of all ages wanting to get fuller and poutier lips. I actually just did a television show the other day and I was pumping my lips for valentine’s day, and the co-host of the show was saying how she could see the lines on her lips (because we all have those tinny tiny lines on our lips) and she said ‘I can see those pop right out!’ and so that was very fun for me, to have someone else see that the results are as amazing as we say they are. This lip pump, just does everything you want it to do for fuller lips and to make the upper lip area more shaped and firm, and with the Facial Magic, you get a double bonus!

Cynthia Rowland luscious lips

MyTopFace: What a fabulous product! Now, we wanted to chat a little bit more about you, and your journey to putting these Facial Magic Exercises together, did you come up with them yourself, are they a combination of exercises, what brought you to wear you are today?

Cynthia: I learnt these exercises from a woman from France. Her name was Marcelle Chapette, and it all happened because my left eyelid was sitting on my eyelash and I just couldn’t bring myself to thinking about spending $3500 on myself, when I had 2 teenage boys who needed clothes, shoes for sports, books for school, I mean there was no many to spend this kind of money on myself. So I started to speak to women about what they did to stop the eyelids form sagging and having no life at all. Well, one of my girlfriends when to have an eye surgery, and I got to see her after her a couple of weeks after her eye surgery, and I was shocked, I was so taken aback, her eyes no longer looked even, even after 6 weeks, she was still heavily bruised and green and yellow, and I just thought to myself, I can’t do that, there’s no way I can do that.

MyTopFace: It seems so unnatural to go through something like that to get your skin looking younger.

Cynthia: It’s barbaric, to think that you would allow somebody to cut into your skin and allow them to reshape your face in hopes of achieving a look that you can accomplish with exercise! The thing about Facial Magic, is you look like yourself, only your younger version, it’s really quite revolutionary. So this is truly the Face Lift without surgery – without a doubt. So when I first learned that there was a women teaching this exercise programme in Denver, Colorado, I didn’t believe it, I said oh no tis cannot be possibly work like that. Finally, after about 3 weeks of coaxing from my friend, I decided to fly out top Colorado to meet this woman from France and the women in her waiting room, were waiting on me to get there, because my friend had already prepped them saying that I didn’t believe a word of it. So I was very sceptical, but when I recognized what I was seeing, and here were these beautiful women, I knew it right then, that this was what I wanted to do with my life, and I had never seen this before! I had never heard about facial exercise that worked like a face lift.Cynthia Rowland facial magic kit luscious lips

Cynthia went on to tell us all about their ‘Coming Soon’ Online Training classes which will be an interactive and weekly training class where you can sign up online and train with Cynthia personally on a weekly basis! We’re extremely excited about Cynthia and her Facial Magic Exercises as well as her Luscious Lips Pump and Lip Plumping Cream. If you want to get involved and start your Facial Magic Exercises, we recommend heading over to her website and checking out the products available on her page.

cynthia rowland therapeutic lip creme

We want to take this time to thank Cynthia for taking time out of her busy schedule to sit down and answer all of our questions!


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