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Define me: Fragrance with personality

Define Me Fragrance

When a company gives personality to their products it’s makes us as customers feel a stronger connection with the product itself. We know it sounds weird, but how many times have you said I love this shower gel or I can’t live without this cleanser?

Women empowerment is the goal here at MyTopFace. Jennifer McKay Newton also incorporates women empowerment into her fragrance company “Define Me”. Which is why our beauty experts felt the need to introduce this company to our readers. Define Me has about 6 fragrances that are all designed to fit your personality. Meaning when you wear the fragrance you feel more confident and more beautiful because that’s the scent you gravitated to.

When it comes to fragrances (aromas) there are some good qualities. Aroma therapy is known to reduce depression, anxiety, and headaches. Also boost energy, induce sleep, and increase the bodies healing system.

As women we want to have a scene of control. We want to walk down the street and look like we own it. That feeling starts with looking and feeling good. Jennifer started Define Me in 2015. Before that she had a organic scented candles company. That were really popular. She decided to do more for women and wanted to take part in the empowerment movement. She created six signature scents that each have their own personality and special aroma to them. She even named them. Our MyTopFace Beauty Experts chose two out of the six, Harper and Payton.

Define Me Harper

Harper is adventurous, with a sweet citrusy scent. With notes of grapefruit, bergamot, honeysuckle, and amber. If you are  outgoing, spontaneous type, this will definetly fit your personality. Each scent has   aroma therapeutic properties.None of the aromas Define Me uses are synthetic. Plus the company is cruelty free, and vegan.

Define Me Payton

Payton is a little more flirty. She gives off a sexy vibe. With the aroma blend of orange blossom, mimosa, clove, and musk mixes in one bottle. You get a strong but calm and pleasant aroma. That’s makes you just want to go out with the girls and have a blast.

Define Me created these aromas in a mist and a roll on that uses coconut oil as a base. We are  sure our beauty experts have written about the benefits of coconut oil over 100 times. Just to name a few, coconut oil is anti-bacterial, and a great moisturizer. So not only are you smelling good, but your also moisturizing the skin. (When using the roll on fragrance).

You can create your own combination by mixing any two Define Me fragrances. Jennifer has a few combinations she picker herself but be creative & bold and make your own. Really personalize your personality fragrance.

The best part of Define Me is that they stick to their mission of empowerment. For every bottle of fragrance sold Define Me gives $1.00 to a non profit called ‘She The First’. Their mission is to provide scholarships to girls in low income countries. So they to can have a scent of empowerment.

How can you not want be apart of Define Me. We as women need to empower each other ,merging it with beauty. It makes us feel unstoppable. As we should be!


Here at the MyTopFace office we are really big on aroma therapy. We love the Define Me fragrances so much that we just spray them around our office. Like I mentioned before the fragrance fits the personality. So just spray what best describes you. Your work day will be full of energy that fit you.


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