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Defining Your Curls at Devachan

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If you have natural curly hair, you understand that it can be a challenge to maintain. You see women in magazines with beautiful defining curls with no trace of imperfection, and you tell yourself, “I WANT THAT”! But how? How can your curls become sculpted and redefine? Devachan Salon is located on Broome Street in New York City.  This salon has been sculpting curls since 1994 and still remains the guru of curls. They have four locations to assist all curly clients and a product line to prove their expertise and knowledge on natural curls. Our MyTopFace expert met with Taylor, a hairstylist at Devachan Salon, and she gave us the 411 on curly hair.Devachan Salon

MyTopFace: Hi Taylor, How long have you been a hairsylist at Devachan Salon?

Taylor: I’ve been a stylist at Devachan for 2 years. I actually started out as a client at Devachan 8 years ago. I didn’t wear my hair natural until visiting the salon and
learning how to care for my curls. The experience made such an impact on me, I decided it was my purpose to help others embrace their curly gift! I went to cosmetology school with the sole intention to one day work a Devachan, so here I am!

MyTopFace: So today, you’re providing us with the dry haircut, what are the advantages of dry hair cut for curly hair?

Taylor: There are so many advantages of dry cutting! First off, the only way to see the behavior of curls is when they are dry. Curly hair is 3D. When it’s wet, it becomes more 2D and typically much longer. By cutting the hair dry, in it’s natural state, it reduces the chance of cutting off too much length. There can be multiple curl patterns and textures on one head. The only way to observe and honor those textures is see it on dry hair.

Devachan Salon Dry Hair Cut ProcessMyTopFace: What is the process of the dry haircut?

Taylor: We ask clients to come with their hair, down, dry and recently detangled with minimal product. This preparation is key. Every cut starts with a conversation about lifestyle, expectation and concerns, from the information gathered in that conversation, a proper style can be mutually decided. The cut is done without the use of combs or brushes, just fingers and scissors. After the initial shape is cut, we move to the “No poo” transformation, where clients are walked through the styling process from start to finish, no secrets. After being cleansed, conditioned and styled, it’s drying time! Once the hair is completely dry, the “product cast” is opened and soft beautiful curls/waves are revealed. Then, some refining and finishing touches are done to the cut.

MyTopFace: Since you have worked at Devachan for a while, what made you decide to work here instead of working at another salon?

Taylor: I actually started out as a client at Devachan 8 years ago. I didn’t wear my hair naturally, until visiting the salon and learning how to care for my curls. The experience made such an impact on me, I decided it was my purpose to help others embrace their curly gift! I went to cosmetology school with the sole intention to one day work at Devachan, so here I am!

MyTopFace: Devachan has their very own academy for anyone who wants to enhance their curl career and expertise. What is the process/requirements to become a hairstylist at Devachan?

Taylor: To attend the Academy, you must already be a licensed cosmetologist. It’s a really exciting time in the academy. We offer three levels of education;

  • Level 1: inspired, where you learn our No-Poo transformation, Signature Waterfall Devacut and Pintura highlight technique.
  • Level 2: Deva Advanced, expands on the Advanced Waterfall Cut, Signature Bob Cut and Advanced Pintura Highliting.
  • Level 3: Certified, requires a completion of Level 2 Advanced class, here students are given a review and written and technical assessment to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

Upon passing this, Stylists are officially Certified DevaCurl Stylists and are added to stylist finder on our website. We also offer a Psycurlogy class, which delves into the psychology of the stylist/curly client relationship, and an Art of Texture class that focuses on super curly cutting and styling techniques.

Devachan Hair SalonMyTopFace: Devachan has a great product line that you use with your clients. Which Devachan product do you enjoy using on your hair?

Taylor: Honestly, I use a little bit of everything! My product choices change as the season transition. Right now I’m using our newest cleanser/conditioner addition, Delight Low-
Poo & Delight One Condition and B’leave In, Curl Maker (formerly called Spray Gel), and Flexible Hold Hairspray to style.

MyTopFace: With your experience as a Devachan hairstylist, do you have a favorite treatment that you always like to perform?

Taylor: I, typically, use Heaven In Hair on most first time clients, but also anyone with extra hydration needs. Heaven In Hair is our Deep Treatment. It contains Cupuacu from the rainforest. Cupuacu improves elasticity in hair, which can be lost through heat/mechanical styling or chemical processes. My favorite thing about Heaven in Hair is the molecular weight is small enough to penetrate the hair’s cuticle without the addition of heat.

Devachan Salon Hair TreatmentMyTopFace: What is the process of the Heaven in Hair Deep Moisture Treatment?

Taylor: The Heaven in Hair Deep Moisture treatment begins with a thorough cleanse using No-Poo or Low-Poo. After it is rinsed, the treatment is applied by gliding the product from midlengths to ends, working closer to the root but staying off the scalp. Sometimes, I add MirrorCurls to the treatment for extra shine and hydration. A plastic cap is placed over hair and heat is applied for anywhere from 15-30 minutes for deeper moisture penetration. After heat, the hair is rinsed in cool water and styled.

Devachan Salon NYC

All Devachan Salons uses only their products. Their product line is 100% sulfate, paraben, and silicone-free. It’s great that each of Devachan stylist is a curl expert and specialist, and they have amazing knowledge of curly hair characteristics and behavior. MyTopFace thinks it great to go to a salon that knows what they are doing from the very start of the hair process. Devachan SalonIt made our expert feel great. The interior of the salon looks amazing. Everything in the salon made our expert feel so comforable, especially their comfortable sofas when you’re getting the Heaven in Hair treatment. Plus, they treat their clients with super delicious cold tea! Yum! If you’re ready to have your curls looking gorgeous, MyTopFace suggests you check out Devachan Salon.


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