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Defying All Odds with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Aside from our usual collection of tested and written-about products, our Mytopface Experts have encountered a unique brand that sticks out from the rest. With a bold and creative name like Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, our entire team was eager to see what they were all about.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is a retailer of specialized body and household blends, with a romantic and gothic tone. Each blend is blended by hand, using vegan-friendly (aside from honey and beeswax) oils, absolutes, and synthetics. Very unique of their kind, which makes them worth the try.

We know what you are thinking. Oil blends are in the same family as perfumes and colognes, so why try something new when there is nothing wrong with what you already have? Well, that is what our team is all about! Testing the limits and getting creative with what our interests are and what we choose to be creative with. Now, let us get to it.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Products

Most oils and perfumes smell like a concentrated floral arrangement. If it’s not the floral arrangement, it’s the mint, or a refreshed sappy smell. Although those smells are wonderful, trying different and unique smells are not encouraged as often as they should. Everyone loves the smell of a fresh cup or pot of brewed coffee, so why not have it in oil blend form? Whether you love coffee most in the morning, afternoon, or at night, the smell is aromatic. Miskatonic University is a Perfume Oil Blend that smells like Irish coffee, dusty tomes, and polished oakwood halls. This Perfume Blend was made with the sole purpose and intent to smell of the vast library of Miskatonic University. Our experts love how the Perfume Blend went on smelling like coffee, but dried to the subtle smell of old books and the wooden shelves of an old library. With having two size options to choose from, you can take this wonderful smelling Oil Blend on the go and stick it anywhere as the smallest size bottle is small enough for any compartment.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Halfling

A lot of people are not that crazy about food scents, but Halfling is the one food scent you will not be able to stop packing on. Giving off a very warm vibe, this Oil Blend was made to smell like porridge, kukui nuts, and pastry crumbs. Our experts got specific to describe it as fruity once put on wet, but dried to a toasty, warm finish. A warm finish sort of like nutmeg.

If you are looking for a more bold, distinguished smell, you are in luck.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab John Watson Oil Blend

The John Watson Oil Blend is exactly what you are looking for if you are interested in an old-fashioned smell. By old fashion our experts grouped an old coat, a gun, oil, dirty cloth, and bitterness. These descriptions combine to create a strong, unforgettable scent. No, we aren’t kidding. It is very old-fashioned. Lastly, this Oil Blend smells very distinguished, just like Dr. John Watson’s image.

If you are pleased with the scents mentioned above, but more so interested in a classic floral scent, no worries, Black Phoenix have something for you, too! Our experts loved each scent in their own ways, and so will you.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab The Rose Oil Blend

The Rose Oil Blend is a classic rose scent accompanied with the smell of fresh greens, perfect for any occasion. Throughout the day you can go back and forth or choose between Miskatonic University, Halfling, and John Watson, but at night you can set it off with your Rose Oil Blend!

Black Phoenix also created a Hair Gloss that our experts could not keep our hands off of.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Dorian Hair Gloss

The Dorian Hair Gloss is paraben, sulfate, petro-chemical, GMO, and triclosan free! Our experts almost couldn’t believe it and questioned if it was even real or not. This Hair Gloss is perfect after styling your hair and even sufficient enough to add to your hair to give it a quick shimmy at any time of the day. If you are unsure of what products to use to style your hair, our team has the tea on Stylist Recommended Pro Beauty Tools to Create Hair Perfection!

In the midst of dabbing on your new lovely Oil Blends, and glossing your newly-shined hair, you can color your nails.

Black Phoenix ALchemy Lab Belladonna Nail Polish

Both men and women color their nails, whether the color is dark or light. This beautiful color is called Belladonna. Not only is this color uni-sex, but it looks great with every skin tone! This Polish has a smooth finish once dried and untouched. Color your nails before you go out so you can be ready to receive tons of compliments!

Defy all odds with Black Phoenix and their hand-blended products as they are all made with a passion most can not reciprocate.

The feature image of this article is by Jeremy Brautman.


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