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Dr. Kingsley Professional Hair Treatments, the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

British Science Formulations by Dr. David Kingsley

When we think about our beauty maintenance, one of the first things we think about is our hair. We all want strong, lustrous, and vivacious strands, but sometimes we end up with lifeless straw that does nothing for our face shape. A lot of our hair issues have to do with the health of our scalp, environmental factors, personal psychology and the treatments we use. When we are experiencing a scalp issue or hair loss, we should always turn to a trichologist. Dr. David Kingsley is an internationally recognized hair-loss specialist and the only trichologist in the world who is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology. He treats all types of hair and scalp conditions and is passionate about his work. One of our experts at MyTopFace received a consultation and recommended treatments at Dr. Kingsley’s office on Staten Island, New York City and curious to know more…we took the liberty of asking Dr. Kingsley a few questions about his practice in order to delve even deeper into the world of hair, or lack thereof. Read on for the full interview.

Dr. Kingsley Hair Therapy

MyTopFace Expert
We know you have a great deal of education, experience and certifications, that’s why
we decided to try your treatments and products! What made you choose this profession?

Dr. Kingsley
Trichology is a science well-known in Britain, and I had a lot of interest in the medical and psychological factors surrounding hair loss conditions. Also, my late father was a trichologist. I worked with him for a few years and then branched out on my own.

MyTopFace Expert
Can you explain in detail how you treated our Mytopface expert at your office, the process, and what each step does to treat your hair and scalp?

Dr. Kingsley Deep Conditioning Treatment

Dr. Kingsley
We decided to just give your Mytopface expert a deep conditioning treatment. Usually, we would also apply scalp preparations for natural stimulation and exfoliation.
Specifically, for Kay (MyTopFace expert), we applied the British Science Formulations® protein enriched deep Hair Strengthener in partings (the hair is made of the protein, keratin), which strengthens the cuticle (outer hair shaft), and cortex (inner hair shaft). The strengthener was activated in the cuticle with the warm steam from the hair-steamer. Then we massaged the hair and scalp for relaxation and also to exfoliate the scalp and clean the scalp pores. We then used infra-red heat to activate the Hair Strengthener in the cortex of the hair. Finally, we shampooed the hair with our British Science Formulations® shampoo and conditioner.

MyTopFace Expert
You provided us with 4 products to test, according to our scalp issues, and we are
shocked at the incredible, silky results, with no itchy scalp. Tell us a little bit about the
Dr. Kingsley product line and how it can be used.

Dr. Kingsley
British Science Formulations® Scalp Mask, Healthy Hair Serum, Shampoo and Conditioner, are an at-home trichology treatment regimen.
British Science Formulations Products

1) British Science Formulations Healthy Hair Scalp Mask

Healthy Hair Scalp Mask britisg science formulations

The Healthy Hair Scalp Mask is a deep cleansing cream that is applied directly to the scalp:

• a mentholated scalp treatment cleansing mask (may cause temporary scalp redness)
• gently stimulates the scalp
• helps deliver critical nutrients to hair follicles
• improves hair nourishment
• improves hair growth potential
• removes dead skin cells from the scalp
• discourages the production of clogged pores
• cleans hair follicles, sweat and sebaceous glands


Based on Dr. David Kingsley’s trichology hair treatments, the British Science Formulations® Healthy Hair Scalp Mask is an intensive mentholated scalp treatment cleansing mask, which naturally stimulates the scalp, exfoliates dead skin cells, and helps support the delivery of important nutrients to the hair follicles to encourage healthy hair…for all hair types and ethnicities as well as color-treated hair.


Use TWICE PER WEEK. Apply Healthy Hair Scalp Mask with your fingertips in half-inch partings directly to the scalp while hair is wet. Allow Healthy Hair Scalp Mask to remain on the scalp for approximately 30 minutes, then rinse out with your desired shampoo.

2)British Science Formulations Healthy Hair Serum

Healthy Hair Serum british Science Formulations• helps to gently stimulate the scalp (may cause temporary scalp redness)
• helps to support the delivery of critical nutrients to the hair follicle
• helps support healthy hair growth
• keep scalp feeling fresh, clean and toned
• help preserve the natural pH of the scalp
• reduce scalp pore clogging


Based on Dr. David Kingsley’s trichology hair loss treatments, British Science Formulations® Healthy Hair Serum contains vitamin B3, which helps support the activation of critical nutrients in the hair follicles and the improvement of thinning hair by enhancing hair fullness. For all hair types and ethnicities as well as color-treated hair. Directions: Use ONCE PER DAY. Apply one or two full dropper(s) of Healthy Hair Serum to dry or wet hair, directly to the areas of hair thinning on the scalp. Apply in one inch partings and use a few drops per part. Once applied, massage into scalp with fingertips, then wash hands. DO NOT rinse Healthy Hair Serum out of hair. Dry or style hair as normal.

3) British Science Formulations Shampoo for Dry HairBritish Science Formulations Shampoo for Dry Hair

The basic function of all shampoos is to clean the hair and scalp of dirt, sebum, and debris. There are three choices of shampoos for different hair types:
fine hair, formulated for fine, limp, oily, or straight hair; medium/normal hair, formulated for medium textured or wavy hair; dry hair, formulated for coarse, dry, frizzy, or very curly hair.

Other benefits

• clean the hair by efficiently removing residues from regular daily activity, i.e., pollutants, styling products, scalp oil, etc.
• enhance thickness and body
• mild formula
• ideal for frequent use
• formulated for easy rinsability and so do not leave build up or residue on hair
• protein enriched

Shampoo for Dry Hair

Lather shampoo and apply to wet hair. Gently massage hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if desired.

4) British Science Formulations Conditioner For Normal Hair

British Science Formulations Conditioner for normal hair Dr. KingsleyConditioners help to condition and shine the hair by trapping moisture and smoothing the cuticle, thus reducing tangles, brittleness and breakage. There are three choices of conditioners for different hair types:fine hair, for non-chemically treated fine, limp, oily, or straight hair;normal hair, for fine chemically treated, medium textured, or wavy hair;
dry hair, for chemically over processed, coarse, dry, frizzy, or very curly hair.

Other benefits:

• gives hair strength and manageability
• adds body
• adds softness and sheen
• mild formula created for use after each shampoo
• protein enriched


After shampooing, gently apply conditioner from middle to ends of hair, not on scalp. Work through with fingers or comb. Rinse thoroughly.

Dr Kingsley Red Light Hair Treatment

MyTopFace Expert
We know that you have 2 offices in Manhattan and in Staten Island, which we visited.
We would like to mention that you have a wonderful product and a friendly, comfortable
atmosphere! Should clients make appointments at these two locations, only? Also,
where can clients purchase your product line?

Dr. Kingsley
Yes, these are our 2 offices. The addresses and contact details can be found on our website www.HairAndScalp.com. The products can be purchased through our online store.

MyTopFace Expert
Do you recommend a consultation with you or another hair specialist before purchasing your products?

Dr. Kingsley
Only if you have a hair or scalp problem. Most people would be able to choose
the correct products from our website, however, they can call us at 212-980-8700 to speak to our helpful staff if they have questions.

MyTopFace Expert
How often should your products be used and how long does it take to see results?

Dr. Kingsley
Our products can be used regularly (daily if needed). The time to see results depends on the condition treated. Hair loss may take a few months, dandruff a few weeks, and cosmetic improvement a few days.

Dr Kingsley Hair Dryer

MyTopFace Expert

Can you discuss a specific case you treated and what the outcome was?

Dr. Kingsley

A female patient started losing her hair, she noticed in the shower when clumps began to fall out due to stress and hormones. She wanted to treat the problem holistically, so she went to a trichologist and we recommended stress reduction and topical products from the Dr. Kingsley line. We suggested our Stimulant Scalp Therapy Lotion, Scalp Mask, and Hair strengthener. Read more about  experience in Good Housekeeping article.

MyTopFace Expert
Why should patients choose your office and/or product line versus others?

Dr. Kingsley
My products were formulated and thoroughly tested in my trichology centers for over 25 years. They are formulated for specific hair types and hair/hair-loss conditions.

MyTopFace Expert
We know that you work with many celebrities with hair and scalp concerns. Would you
recommend that all men and women go to a trichologist for a consultation or just those
with issues?

Dr. Kingsley
We treat people with hair and scalp problems who should have a consultation; however, we also treat people with cosmetic problems that don’t need a consultation beforehand. Discuss with our helpful receptionists to see if you should have a consultation or not.

Dr. Kingsley Hair and Scalp Specialist

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