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Dr. Numb – Avoid Pain when it comes to Beauty

Dr Numb

When we think about beauty as individuals, we all have a different perspective. “Beauty is pain” is a quote that’s has been around forever. We still say it till this day. Our MyTopFace Beauty Experts are dedicated to knowing the ins and outs of the beauty industry. So, we can inform our readers and help you guys find what’s best.

Waxing, micro-needling, Botox, hair removal, and tattoos all have two things in common. They contribute to enhancing our beauty. For those of us with low pain tolerance, they all cause pain. Beauty is pain we say. We try our best to fight through it in order to feel and look our best. When our MyTopFace team mentions having DR. Numb as part of our beauty must haves people always look at us with a confused look. They ask, what does numbing cream have to do with beauty? Absolutely everything!

Dr. Numb has been around since 1998. Since then they have been used by medical doctors, plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, aestheticians, hospitals and clinics all over the world. Tolerance to pain comes at many levels depending on the individual. Some people can sit down and take the pain with ease. But for those of you, that twist and turn while getting your legs waxed. Dr. Numb is the solution. Every square inch of our skin has over 1,000 nerve endings. Pain, touch, temperature, and pressure are picked up by the nerve ending in our skin. They send electrical impulses to the brain to alert us of those senses. ShinPharma Inc is a Canadian company that decided in 2008 to develop a topical anesthetic cream that’s was available to the public with out the need of a doctor prescription. With just 5% of lidocaine used. Dr. Numb topical anesthetic cream can penetrate the skin quickly and block the pain signals picked up by nerve endings.

Steps on applying Dr. Numb

  1. Wash the area with soap and lukewarm water
  2. Dry completely
  3. Apply a thick amount of cream to the area desired and rub in until completely absorbed
  4. Cover the area with a plastic wrap or Saran Wrap (heat under the wrap will help activate the cream
  5. Keep the plastic wrap on until it’s time to work on area

Like we mentioned before Dr. Numb comes in handy when it comes to a bunch of things. When it comes to skin care, you may apply the cream on minor sunburns, scrapes, insect bites and skin irritations. It’s great to have in your first aid kit. Dermatologist tends to use numbing cream when they do certain blemish treatments like dermal curettage. Micro needling consist of tiny needles penetrating the skin, it’s not so much pain but it can feel a bit irritating and annoying so the numbing cream helps avoid that feeling.

Dr Numb

If you’re the type that loves body art such as tattoos, and piercings. You should know that some parts of the body trigger more pain than others. As a tattoo artist having numbing cream in your kit definitely comes in handy when dealing with first timers. They are scared and confused because they never felt what it’s like to get a tattoo. Apply some Dr. numb cream and the client will be appreciative.

When it comes to beauty procedures numbing cream is very well known and used. Waxing, botox, microdermabrasion, mole removal, and electrolysis call all cause pain. With the use of numbing cream, you can go into your appointment with confidence. Especially if it’s your first time.

For minor procedure such as wart removal, immunizations, biopsy, or even to help with hemorrhoid pain, doctors depend on numbing cream to help get the job done. Dr. Numb is great to keep handy, don’t expect your doctor, tattoo artist, or aesthetician to provide it for you. Dr. Numb topical anesthetic cream can easily be bought over the counter. So, don’t cause yourself the pain and buy it!


If your wax specialist doesn’t provide any numbing cream. Don’t hesitate to bring your own. Since the cream needs to be wrapped in plastic so, it can heat up and activate bring your own saran wrap, and don’t be shy to ask the specialist for a helping hand. They should be willing to make you (the client) as comfortable as possible.


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