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Express-Refresh with Lecler Sheet Mask

Express-refresh sheet mask lecler

Need a rapid skin boost but don’t like the big jars of mud that use to be the trend? Masks are the way to go. Quick, easy, single serving. And lots of choices. Here ar MyTopFace we enjoy trying all of the latest ones to hit the market, so we were curious about the new Lecler sheet mask from London.

Using science and powerful active ingredients these Lecler sheet masks suffuse deeply in your pores to hydrate not just the top, but also the inner layers. The masks contour your face and immerses it in the enriching serum made up of modern pepetides, advanced hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. All of these help reduce fine lines, keep moisture in and prevent skin cell damage.

lecler express refresh mask

Lecler created 3 different sheet masks and the experts at MyTopFace tried the Express Refresh. Perfect as a revitalizing boost before any event or just to pamper yourself and treat your skin. The silky thin sheet was easy to apply to our face and stayed in place for the suggested 20minutes. After removing the mask, our face was still super moist. It dried quickly and we noticed there was still serum in the package, so we scooped that out to put on our elbows and neck for some quick ultra moisturizing action.

The beauty experts at MyTopFace have added the paraben-free Lecler to our list of must have sheet masks as we transition from summer to autumn. This is the time to give your skin the pick me up it needs after months of summer sun damage.


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