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Eye Shadow And Lipstick: Mix And Match

eyeshadow for brown eyes

eyeshadow for brown eyes

Eyeshadow And Lipstick: Mix And Match

How to apply your make up to complement with each other

Applying makeup isn’t easy. It does require artistry. You must have the knowledge of combining colors and how it would appear if match with another color. There are women who do not have the skills to put on even their own makeup. Some are trying to do it on their own by following instructions they’ve seen in video makeup tutorials. There is a step by step instruction as the video actually shows how it is being done. This is a big help for beginners and wannabes.

You must understand that putting eye shadow and lipstick should go hand in hand. You might have perfectly applied an eye shadow and yet the color of your lipstick is of no match to your eye makeup all of your efforts would just go in vain. Black eye shadow is better to match with a nude lipstick. If you want a more feminine look, go both with pink but apply the more intense pink to your lips to emphasize the lower part of your face. A smokey eye is trending nowadays and many ladies are asking how to do Smokey eye.

This method of applying eye makeup is considered voluptuous and classy and most popular celebrities are wearing this make up that is why videos of Smokey eye tutorial are rampant in the internet. You can achieve this if you will follow all the steps religiously. Applying makeup is just like painting. You have to blend, combine and mix colors and apply them with gentle strokes as if you are touching a delicate glass that you must not break. Every eye makeup tutorial in the internet is base on the video maker’s own experience so nothing to be afraid of following them.

Brown Smokey eye is definitely gorgeous. The combination of the eyes and the Smokey eye shadow complements each other and adds a dramatical look to the wearer. Eye makeup for brown eyes can be a bit easier since brown is a prime color which can combine or match with any color. You can use vibrant colors such as dark blue or purple eye shadows. Even so, you can still look for so many makeup tutorials all over the internet. Go find the style that will suit to your personality and try wearing it in actual.

eyeshadow for brown eyes

Tips and considerations

Create a sensual, medieval or seductive look with all of the makeup tips for brown eyes and choose the ultimate one for you. It is difficult only from the start but perhaps if you will be able to get used to it, it would be as easy as 123. It is never a sin to discover, reinvent and know other makeup combination. Some may find it hard but there is no harm in trying. Everything starts from scratch so you need to have patience. Nothing comes easy. We cannot learn everything in an instant. Learn the process and become more beautiful.


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