Home Makeup How to do: Smokey Eye for Brown Eyes

How to do: Smokey Eye for Brown Eyes

Eyeshadow Colours For Brown Eyes

On applying eye shadow, you must first identify the colour of your eyes. A palette is a collection of shades that will match to any eye colour, but if you have brown eyes, follow this guideline on choosing colours and proper application. Eyeshadow colours for brown eyes are mostly electrical shades like blue, green, violet, and yellow with shimmers.

Since brown is a mix of all primary colours, you have many options. Smokey eyes are best for those who have brown eyes because it accentuates the colour of the eyes. It has also become the classic party eye makeup look. This eye makeup can change your face dramatically because it can transform you into a diva. You need to master the blending technique, but before that, you need to know how to choose the texture of the eyeshadow and identify the flattering shades. It may sound easy, but it can get messy without the proper application techniques.

Smoky Eye guide Step 1 – Pick the right eyeshadow colours for brown eyes

Eyeshadow Colours For Brown Eyes
The base colour should be shimmery and not metallic powder texture. It must be darker than your skin tone; you may choose natural colours such as beige or tan for a more elegant look. For contour, the texture must be matte or slightly shimmery. Choose between blue, green, purple, or dark brown, for a stunning effect you can use black. The third shade must be must be a slightly shimmery texture if you intend to apply it under your eyebrows.

Smokey Eye guide step 2 – Choose eye liner pencil

Eyeshadow Colours For Brown Eyes
Eyeliner is the most readily available make up product. When you choose the right eyeliner, it can give you fuller lashes, shapely eyes, and a fantastic transformation. So if you know how to pick the right eyeshadow colours for brown eyes, you need to know how to pick eyeliner as well. There are varieties of colours of eyeliners available for you in the market, but you need to pick the ones that will complement the colours of your eyes. For those who have brown eyes, you need to pick between darker shades. From light brown, medium brown, and dark brown, lighter shades should be avoid because it can overpower your eyes. Remember that you don’t need to be too dramatic, but you aim to stand out.

Smokey Eye guide step 3 – Applying face make up

Eyeshadow Colours For Brown Eyes
Before applying right eyeshadow colours for brown eyes, you should create your neutral palette. First, apply concealer under your eyes to hide your dark spots and blemishes, and then apply foundation. You can use either a bronzer or blush on or both. Bronzer is used to contour your face. Apply this on hollows of your cheeks. When applying the blush, put a light to natural shading in the apple of your cheeks.

Smokey Eye guide step 3 – Applying Eyeshadow, Eye liners and Mascara

Outline your eye with the eyeliner. With a brush, apply your base colour on the mobile eyelid and above the crease, and then slightly blend. Using a pointy sponge applicator, apply eyeshadow all around your eyes blend it with the eyeliners. Contour the colour in your crease and blend the eyeshadow on your upper and lower lids. Use curler for your lashes and put on mascara. This will complete the look.

Upon knowing these tips you surely transform yourself from being a girl next door to a diva.



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