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Fab Talks With Fred Connors From FRED Salon

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If you haven’t heard about FRED, then you must live under a rock. Fred Connors, the face behind FRED.face Cosmetics and FRED Salon is on fire right now. Fire in the sense that he is on top of his throne, progressing in every aspect of his life. With starting his own business at a very young age, working with very important people, doing very important things, and making a name for himself, he is on top of his own world right now! Our Mytopface Expert walked into his Salon and received the FRED experience and left his salon with lengthy, full, healthy, silk-like hair that had our expert feeling fabulous.

We do not want to give up all of the juicy details, but we are happy to say that hanging and chatting with FRED has been a pleasure, and we first hand experienced what everyone in New York has been raving about.
MyTopFace: To start from the beginning, when did you first realize you have a talent in the beauty-enhancing field?
Fred: I have been fascinated by beauty my entire life. When I was a child I was amazed at how lipstick and eyeliner could transform my very own mother from a housewife to a goddess. Being raised in a military family, my siblings and I all had the same haircut. My father would sit us down and buzz our hair short. Haircut day was never a good day, especially for my sisters. By the time I was in 7th grade I took over the cutting of our hair and by the time I was in high school I was the neighborhood haircutter.
MyTopFace: Although your talent in both the makeup and hair industry is undeniable, what made you want to take your talent and start the providing of services to individuals?
Fred: I have always been entrepreneurial. I started my first business as a clothing designer with a loan given to me by my mother. In order to pay the bills I took on a job sweeping up hair in a salon. Soon after, I was cutting hair, and a year later I opened my first Salon at the age of 20.
MyTopFace: Proving services to individuals takes a lot of dedication and want, but to formulate and create your own cosmetic line takes true courage and passion. Please elaborate on what made you choose the route of creating a cosmetic line.
Fred: I started working with make-up in the early 90’s. I went to art school to learn photography so I could shoot my own work. I would work with make-up artists who did not know how to properly apply make-up to the point where it looks invisible. Models always looked made up, but not beautiful. All you could see was make-up. I approached a local make-up artist who was working for MAC and I asked her to teach me a few tricks. I eventually became good. Shortly after I started working for Chanel as an artist at the local Chanel counter.
Years later I was a make-over artist on a very popular TV show and was dragging a huge kit all over the country. My kit was filled with my favorites from Chanel, Make Up Forever, NARS, MAC, and Bobbi Brown. I always went to my most reliable shades and formulations and used them on everyone from light skin tones to dark tones. The same products could be used on everyone, just in different ways. I started working with a NY-based manufacturer to develop a range of colors that was universal. I launched FRED.face cosmetics in 2007 with the promise ‘Four products and three minutes and anyone can look and feel more beautiful.’
MyTopFace: Your cosmetic line looks and sounds to be doing extremely well. To what do you owe your success?
Fred: Although life is complicated, looking beautiful should not have to be a challenge. FRED.face offers easy solutions to our clients so they can look amazing, effortlessly.
MyTopFace: People often expect a beauty expert like yourself to have enrolled, attended, and completed makeup and hair school, but you, you defeated the odds. What do you have to say to those individuals who are skeptical of you having not attended school?
Fred: In the world of beauty there are 2 types of experts: Those who learn it and those who live it. I have built my expertise by passionately living what I love to fulfill, which is beauty. We now live in a world where YouTube can make anyone an expert. I started in this industry when there was no internet. You had to have one thing in order to succeed, which is the talent I too, have.
Fred.Face Cosmetics
MyTopFace: Your cosmetic line includes foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, and so much more. Is there a specific reason you choose those particular products for your line?
Fred: FRED.face has been designed to be a minimal range. The tinted moisturizer was chosen to refine and protect the skin, bronzer to offer a glow, 10 eye shadows, 6 lip crayons, 6 lipsticks, 6 lip glosses, and a foolproof mascara. I wanted to make it possible for clients to easily see the 4 products best for them. The paradox of choice is that the more you have to choose from the more difficult it is to decide.
MyTopFace: So far you have three open and thriving locations. Do you plan on opening any more locations in the near or distant future?
Fred: There are no plans for another location, as of right now. My salon in New York has just been open for a year and a half. TimeOut New York has just put us on the list of Top Salons in New York so there may be more locations to come.
MyTopFace: Impressively reading on your past tossing the hat in the ring of candidacy to run for mayor of a city in Nova Scotia. The buzz, following, and support you received was also impressive. Do you plan on ever living that aspect of your life up again?
Fred: I passionately care about people and that is why I ran in politics. It was one of the most satisfying things I have ever done, even though I did not win. I will revisit the opportunity again when I am ready to retire from the beauty industry.
MyTopFace: As a well-recognized media personality like yourself, what have you learned about the industry and more personally yourself from being in front of the camera?
Fred: I have worked in TV for many years and with many people. It is very apparent that the people we admire in front of the camera are the same person when they are off. Being authentic on TV or while doing anything you do is the only way to live.
MyTopFace: Your proven track record of overwhelming support to organizations and charitable groups is what sets you apart from a lot of people. Care to elaborate on more of the who, what, when, where, and whys of the individuals and groups you support?
Fred: Throughout my career in the beauty industry I have had a keen interest in supporting community initiatives for girls and young women. I have hosted a breakfast program for inner-city girls at the restaurant I ran with my partner, and employment programs to give girls facing barriers to employment opportunities to develop job skills. I have also worked with and on organizations that provide stable housing for homeless women and their children, families at risk, and art mentoring to street-engaged youth. I believe if we show our girls that they can be great leaders, they themselves can change the world.
MyTopFace: What has working with celebrities added to your life? Has working with them taught you anything more about yourself or your work?
Fred: I have had Oscar winning actresses in my salon and I have learned one thing. That one thing being that the best celebrities are the ones who want to be treated like everyone else.
Fred Salon keratin treatment
MyTopFace: Back to beauty, do you plan on launching a hair care line in the near or distant future?
Fred: I am in the early stages of developing a capsule line of hair products using marine extracts from Nova Scotia, where I am originally from.
MyTopFace: Our Mytopface Expert looked and felt absolutely stunning after receiving your services. Her hair looked revived and healthy! What’s your secret to flawlessly executing a Keratin Treatment on the long and full hair that our expert has?
Fred: To deliver best results after doing a Keratin treatment, the correct amount of product and working extensively with each section until it has reached the ideal texture and feels very silky is the ideal process.
Fred Hair salon nyc haircut
MyTopFace: With our curious readers, can you share some of your special tips to keeping hair healthy and looking fabulous?
My top tips for healthy hair:
– Avoid shampooing as much as possible. Lather dries your hair. Condition and rinse instead. This will clean your hair and scalp, keeping it shiny.
– Supplement with Biotin. Biotin is in the B Vitamin family and essential for healthy hair, skin, and nails.
– Have a great relationship with a trusted Stylist. The right one will keep you informed, looking beautiful, and won’t let you down.
MyTopFace: And with makeup, do you have any secret tips to share?
Fred: My approach to make-up is minimal. The perfect make-up starts with beautiful skin that glows. Your favorite, simple lip color and mascara can look great on everyone.
MyTopFace: Are there any current projects you are working on?
Fred: Right now I am most focused on growing our brand in NYC. It is a tough place to crack and it takes everything you’ve got.
MyTopFace: Lastly, is there any exciting news on what is up next in Fred’s world that you would like to share with us and our interested readers?
Fred: Stay tuned, I will definitely keep you posted!
Fred Connors
We hope you are as excited about hearing from FRED as we were. We here at Mytopface are excited for what FRED has already done for himself, and what more he has coming! Thank you The Kript for the cute Power Of Love Playsuit!
If you are excited to play with your hair using Fred’s tips, check out our article about StraightFix’s V2 Professional Hair Straightening Brush. With just a few strokes this Straightening Brush will help straighten your hair to utter perfection!


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