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Face Tanning Lotions – All You Need To Know

face tanning

face tanning

Self-tanning is a big trend. You can of course get it done in salons or beauty parlors but you can also accomplish a nice even tan at home. There are different products for your body and face. The former is richer than the latter, meaning they’re thicker. Face products are meant not to clog your pores or irritate the relatively sensitive skin on your face. This is why face-tanning lotions are thinner and lighter.

How To Self-Tan Your Face

Step 1 – Exfoliate using a peel or scrub. You need to unclog your pores and remove all dirt and dust if the tanning is to be effective. Next, use an exfoliation product that doesn’t contain oil. Otherwise, your self-tanner won’t absorb adequately. Take gentle moisturizer and apply it to the areas around your nostrils or other dry spots on your face. This does away with the risk of streaks.

Step 2 – Use clean hands and apply a tiny quantity of tanning lotion in dots on varied areas of your face. These include forehead, chin, apples of your cheeks, bridge of your nose. Blend from those points by moving the cream outward and across that area. Don’t spread too much on the areas around your nostrils and upper lip. These are comparatively drier face-places and can manage with a light touch.

Step 3 – Use your fingers to spread the tanning lotion into the hairline and past the jawbone. Use a feather touch and don’t push the lotion into the hairline. Eyelids and eyebrows must be completely avoided. The tanning lotion can turn them orange. Wash your hands as soon as you’re done.

Note: Over the course of time, it will take a few applications for you to maintain the color or reach the right tan shade. Retinol and acne treatments should be avoided at this time. Always moisturize your skin and use mild cleansers if you need to. When your next self-tan session comes along, exfoliate and repeat the process above.

 face tanning

Which Is The Best Tanning Lotion?

Arguably the best tanning lotion on the market is our first selection on the list below. However, we have provided you with two more options.

  1. Clarins Intense Bronze Self-Tanning Tint – Evens out your skin with a golden glow. Has worked even on sunburnt skin. It gradually grows darker but in a golden-tan fashion. This ensures you look like you have a natural tan.
  2. Fake Bake Self-Tanning Mousse – This is the mousse version of an actual tanning lotion from the same company. Application and blending are easier with this one, and there are no streaks. It has shown to endure through workout sessions, wardrobe changes and showers. This is one of the best self-tan lotions out there.
  3. Sally Beauty Salon Airbrush Tanning System – This outstanding spray tan product makes it possible to get an even and easy tan. It’s been proven not to turn sensitive or dry areas on your skin orange. Reviews have said that this spray tan beats the salon version. It dries fast, the color doesn’t run, and it lasts throughout a strenuous wokout session.



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